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Jazzaar Festival 2021 is on!

Jazzaar Festival 2021 has been a work in progress since December 2020 for a virtual presentation starting April 13, 2021.

Indeed fans will not have to forego another year without the Jazzaar concerts even if the lock-down persists!

Both youth orchestras had the opportunity to connect with their professional coaches live online throughout January and February 2021, individually and in sections to garner for themselves tips and tricks of the trade in order to successfully record their parts in the Shanti-Music recording studio in Schönenwerd.

The guest artists likewise each took to studios in their own regions to first record their parts and be filmed to lead the way for the young players to build their layers of sounds to create some groovy homogenous pieces of music. Everything is captured on film. The audience will not be disappointed! 

We have some attractive offers in store for our fans world-wide.

Stay tuned for more information on streaming platforms and tickets!


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