/  2015 – Caravan Quest

2015 – Caravan Quest

Caravan Quest: Live at Jazzaar Festival 2015

by The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble

A musical expedition through the Balkan-Gypsy cultural terrain by seasoned musicians of diverse heritage together with their young apprentices on stage resulted in this profound live performance captured at Jazzaar Festival 2015 in Aarau, Switzerland.

Directed By A.T.N. Stadwijk – keys

Special Guests:
Christiane Karam, vocals; Ismail Lumanovski, clarinet; Rashad McPherson, vocals; Donny McCaslin, saxes;
Ned Wilkinson, trumpet/frenchhorn/euphonium; Anders Bostrom, flutes; Jamshied Sharifi, synthesizers:
Csaba Toth Bagi, guitar; Rodney Holmes, drums; Kai Eckhardt, bass.

The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble:
Lydia Renold v, Katharina Krebitz v, Gabriela Grossenbacher v, Thea Simpson v, Rit Xu fl, Fabian Tschopp fl,
Kevin Sommer cl, b-cl, Marina Iten as, Sara El Hachimi as, Mattis Sussmann tp, Lucien Erdin tp, Joseba Zbinden acc,
Demian Coca p, Vito Cadonau b, Dominik Garbauer dr

The physical CD is available for purchase at the website link below.