Bandstand Learning with Role Models

Philosophy .


Every person is bestowed with talents that if nurtured and developed may benefit him or her and humanity at large.

‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ endeavors to provide a professional production setting for musically gifted young people. Their talents and skills are appropriately steered in a learning on a bandstand setting equipping them for their future professional life and for the enrichment of the society in which they live.

Working Motto: 

Perfection is found in the peaceful handling of imperfection

7 Principles 

1. We encourage learning from role models

Young people are motivated to walk in the footsteps of skilled professionals (performers, composers, technicians and leaders) that combine talent with creativity, and knowledge with practice, in fulfilling their functions.

2. We foster self-confidence that yield team spirit

Each participant is regarded and treated with respect, which induces self-confidence, which then inspires joy for the task at hand, developing good character that appreciates fairness and justice to be applied in the processes of attaining common goals.

3. We champion ‘hands, head & heart’ learning

The pedagogical concept of this project is founded on the 3 domains of meaningful learning (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) and allows room for inspiration upon the creative arts, catering appropriate didactics for simulating the realities of the music business.

4. We cultivate and challenge through workshops

The workshops and clinics conducted by accomplished masters of the musical trade provide for the young musicians a premise for deepening understanding and raising their consciousness for music as well as other life issues relevant to the music industry.

5. We advocate paying the dues

Every aspiring young musician submits to healthy competition, gaining patience and endurance as he/she diligently pursues musical accomplishments by merit without compromising integral virtues.

6. We set the stage for creativity

Creativity is triggered when talent is coupled with imagination resulting through the ameliorative processes of interpreting, improvising, composing and applying to the utmost level that a musician/person is capable of.

7. We present youth and professionals on the same bandstand

The experience of performing with a mentor lifts a young musician’s spirit raising his/her performance capacity.


‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ is a trademark of Shanti Music Productions Renold & Co.

Bandstand Learning with Role Models applies ‘Model Learning’

– a Social Learning theory by Albert Bandura (1977). Download PDF for more info.