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Jazzaar Festival .


Jazzaar Festival is an annual music festival with a heart for cultural exchange and music education. Every April the audience is entertained with world class musical works; classics and premiers in the Afro-American, European and folk traditions as well as fusions into other world genres.

Jazzaar Festival is unique for its authentic productions with professionals of international and national acclaim that allows gifted youth musicians to be incorporated into the productions in a learning on the bandstand setting called ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’. The production week culminates into memorable and grand performances that showcase the basic ingredients for cultural sustenance – tradition, interaction, innovation and progress!

Bandstand Learning with Role Models™

The Jazzaar concept ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ creates a vital platform for youth musicians keen on making a career in the music industry. It offers aspiring young musicians the coveted opportunity of participating in real productions with professional musicians. ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ places the emphasis on training on the job with professionals as mentors and colleagues in the process of music making and problem solving on the bandstand.

As a result this unique educational platform has equipped many a young musician since 1992 with competences to produce excellence in the task at hand. Its alumni continue to contribute professionalism into any field they venture. Naturally many have gone to lead a life of music successfully in Switzerland and internationally too.


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Team .

President (des.)

Trumpeter / Jazzaar Youth & Social Media Coordinator

Transport Logistics

Public Relations, Catering

The Jazzaar Team

Thomas Henle – President (des.)

Helen Savari-Renold – Festival Direction

Fritz K Renold – Musical Director/Acting CFO

Yvonne Söhner – Public Relations, Catering

Markus Hammer – Event Logistics

Samir Rachide – Youth Coordination & Social Media