Young Talents

Bandstand Learning with Role Models .

Jazzaar’s youth development and cultural exchange project was developed in Aarau, Switzerland in 1992 by Fritz K Renold & Helen Savari.

The concept is such that professional musicians of high caliber in the international music scene are put together with selected young emerging artists between the ages of 16 and 26 years old to study and prepare a musical work, originals and ‘standards’ that are specifically arranged and orchestrated for this orchestra for a final performance often as premiers before a large audience.

Besides equipping young musicians for a professional career, this programme also provides a reality check for talents not destined for the road to re-direct their focus early in life on careers other than music performance for better job satisfaction in future, while maintaining the love of music as a hobby.

Project Details .

Production #1

Ron Carter & the Jazzaar Big Band

08. - 12 April 2019

In line with Jazzaar’s bandstand learning concept of offering aspiring young talents the opportunity to perform with living legends, it will be the utmost honour for the Jazzaar Big Band to collaborate with Ron Carter in playing some of the most enchanting jazz standards and a couple of originals too as a tribute to the late Bob Freedman, a renowned arranger who has worked with Mr. Carter and Jazzaar in this capacity extensively in the past.

The Jazzaar Big Band (JBB) directed by Christian Jacob (USA/F).

Antonio Hart – as (USA), Mathieu Bitz – as, Casimir Ekman – ts, Felix Piringer – ts, Robert Soltermann – bs, Ryan Quigley – Ltp (SCT), Felix Niggli – tp, Samir Rachide – tp, Elwin Stephan – tp, Jason Jackson – tb (USA), Sebastian Wey – tb, Aarni Häkkinen – tb, Donald Vega – p (NIC/USA), Andrea Caneva – g, Carl Allen – d (USA) and the legendary Ron Carter b (USA) himself.

Premier Concert:
Friday, April 12, 2019 in the Aeschbachhalle, Aarau

An open rehearsal is available for public attendance at 11:00 – 12:00 on Wednesday, April 10 in the Alte Kantonsshule Aarau (Aula).
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Production #2

'Abraham' with the Jazzaar Global Ensemble

08. - 16 April 2019

The Abraham project celebrates the uniqueness of the Abrahamic faiths through the language of music. For this, 3 composers – Gil Goldstein, Fritz K Renold and Mehmet Sanlikol, have written the music specially for this occasion. As the multi-ethnic genres would span between Jewish, Middle-Eastern, Jazz/Funk, contemporary and Gospel styles, the Jazzaar Global Ensemble will have the privilege to explore together with their role models the stylistic secrets and skills to master the performance of these new works.

The Jazzaar Global Ensemble directed by Fritz K Renold

Lydia Renold – voc (CH), Gabriela Grossenbacher – voc, Adrianne Kyjovsky – voc, Nico Norton – voc, Milad Khawam – tp (SYR), Dmitry Zinakov – tp, Lino Hofstetter – tp, Tommy Smith – ts (SCT), Criseyde Holman – fl, Sofie Schindelholz – bc,  Mattia Facchini – as, Sara El Hachimi – as, Manuel Walser – tb, Mehmet Sanlikol – zurna, ney, keys & vocals (TUR/USA), Norayr Gapoyan – duduk (ARM), Gil Goldstein – acc/kbd (USA), Mauro Nocito – g, Kabir Sehgal – acb (USA), Sharon Renold – eb (CH) and Billy Cobham – d (USA) & Lucas Wohlhauser – d.

Premier concert:
Saturday, April 13 at the Aeschbachhalle in Aarau

…and thereafter on the road to the following destinations.

14.4.19 Conza, Lugano

15.4.19 Flon, HEMU, Lausanne

16.4.19 X-tra, Zürich


An open rehearsal is available for the public to attend at 11:00 – 12:00 on Tuesday, April 9 at the Alte Reithalle Aarau (Ost Eingang).
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Bandstand Learning With Role Models

Musical Objectives .

Musical & Educational objectives:.
➤ Abraham w/ the JGE – Playing with professionals to observe how they prepare and interpret original music (for a premiering performance)
➤ Ron Carter & the JBB – Performing with legends in presenting a tight and professional act.

Intensive Immersion

Jazzaar Week Schedule .

Basic schedule for Jazzaar 2019 productions.


➤ Daily activities
09:00h – 19:00h during the week, (compulsory for every participant)


Mon 08/’4 – Fri 12/04 (Rehearsal days)
09:00: Workshop
10:00:  Rehearsal Sectional/Tutti
13:00: Lunch break
14:30: Rehearsal Tutti
17:30: End of Rehearsals
18:00:  Workshop


➤ Concerts

Wed, 10/04 at 21:00h – 24:00: Jam Session at Restaurant Einstein


Thu, 11/04 at 20:15: Kappeler / Zumthor in Jazz Club Aarau


Fri, 12/04 at 14:00h: the JBB Sound Check at Aeschbachhalle
                    at 20:00h: the JBB premier concert at Aeschbachhalle


Sat, 13/04 at 14:00h: the JGE sound check at Aeschbachhalle
                    at 20:00h: the JGE premier concert at Aeschbachhalle
                   morning: the JBB depart for home


Sun, 14/04 at 14:00h: the JGE sound check in Lugano
                     at 17:00h: the JGE concert in Lugano


Mon, 15/04 at 15:30: the JGE sound check in Lausanne
                           at 20:00: the JGE concert in Lausanne


Tues, 16/04 at 15:30: the JGE sound check in Zürich
                            at 20:00: the JGE concert in Zurich


Wed, 17/04  morning: depart for home


Public Seminars

Daily Workshops .

Jazzaar Workshops are open to public and participants.

Learn from international jazz stars in a workshop setting.

Workshops – Schedule

Monday, 8. 4. 2019

➤ 18:00 h   ‘Jazz Improvisation’ by Jason Jackson


Tuesday, 9. 4. 2019

➤ 09:00 h  ‘Best Practices of Practicing’ by Antonio Hart

➤ 18:00 h  ‘Ask Ron!’ Q&A session with Ron Carter


Wednesday, 10. 4. 2019

➤ 09:00 h  ‘How on earth does a classical musician improvise in Jazz’ by Christian Jacob


Thursday, 11. 4. 2019

➤ 09:00 h  ‘Middle Eastern Approach to Improvisation’ by Mehmet Sanlikol

Entrance fees
CHF 15.- /person per workshop


CHF 10.- /person per workshop


Participants, Association members, patrons and sponsors:
Free of charge

Alte Reithalle Ost, Aarau, Apfelhausenweg 20, 5000 Aarau
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