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Where does Jazzaar Festival 2019 take place?

The premier concerts of Jazzaar Festival are presented in the Aeschbachhalle6 in Aarau. The address is:

Aeschbachweg 6, 5000 Aarau

Other preceding activities of the festival are spread out in Aarau as follows:

  • Daily Workshops (8/4 – 11/4) at 9Am & 6PM – Alte Reithalle Ost
  • Collab with Jazz Club Aarau (Kappeler / Zumthor) – Theater Tuchlaube
  • Abraham Open Rehearsal on 9/4 at 11 AM – Alte Reithalle Ost
  • Ron Carter Open Rehearsal on 10/4 at 11 AM – Aula, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau
  • Jam Session on 10/4 at 9 PM – Restaurant Einstein

For more details see Festival 2019

What is 'Jazzaar on the Road'?

Jazzaar on the Road is an extension of Jazzaar Festival. It’s an initiative to take a Jazzaar production on tour to offer young talents the experience of being on the road with professionals.

In 2019, the tour is extended to Lugano, Lausanne and Zurich immediately after the premier concert in Aarau.

The initiative is supported by the Swisslos Kanton Aargau, EFG International & Leonteq Securities AG.

For more details see Festival 2019

Where to buy tickets for the events?
  • Tickets for the premier concerts in Aarau and the Abraham concert in Zurich can be purchased at Starticket and other points of sales such as Aarau Info, SBB, Coop City and Manor
  • Tickets for Kappeler / Zumthor concert are available at the box office Theater Tuchlaube
  • Tickets for the daily workshops are available at the ticket desk Alte Reithalle Ost, Aarau
  • Free entrance for the Jam Session in Restaurant Einstein
  • Free entrance for open rehearsals in the Reithalle and Kantonsschule Aarau
  • Concerts in Lugano and Lausanne are free for registered guests only
How do young talents enrol to participate at Jazzaar Festival?

Aspiring young musicians between the ages of 16 – 26 may apply here to be selected for one of the Jazzaar ensembles. Candidates will be auditioned to be chosen.

Applications are closed for 2019 except for trombones and bass trombones.