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A Tribute to Chick Corea

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Gospel Concert

Jazzaar Festival

Lineup 2022 .

Project Details .

Production #1

Funky Weather with The Swiss Youth Funk Ensemble

Released on Vimeo.com on April 16 & 20, 2021

directed by Fritz K Renold (CH)

MC: Lydia Renold (CH)

Featured Guest Artists:

Wayne Bergeron – Ltp (USA), Tom Walsh – tp (UK), Eijiro Nakagawa – tb (JPN), Tom Dunnet – tb (UK), Christian Kramer – b-tb (DE), Tommy Smith – ts, fl (SCT), Christian Jacob – p (USA/FRA), John Patitucci – b (USA), Peter Erskine – d (USA)

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO)

Niki Jäger – tpt, Lino Hofstetter – tpt, Maximilian Weber – tb, Mattia Facchini – as, Filippo Valli – as, Robert Soltermann – ts, Moritz Becker – bs, Juan Oliveira – g, Christoph Gebhard – b, Yosuke Doki – d/perc.

Production #2

Tribute to Maynard Ferguson with the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Released on Vimeo.com on April 17 & 21, 2021

Directed by Fritz K Renold (CH)

MC & Vocals by Lydia Renold (CH)

Featured Guest Artists:

Gabrielle Goodman – voc, Rick Margitza – ts, Louis Dowdeswell – Ltp, Mark Whitfield – g, Etienne Stadwijk – keys, Dennis Montgomery III – HB3 Org, Michael Mondesir – b,  Billy Cobham – drums

The Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble (SYGE)

Lea von Mentien – m-sop. voc, Stephanie Palmer Martinez – m-sop. voc, Nina Cara Leonor – alt voc, Jonathan Hasler – ten voc, Criseyde Holman – fl, Magdalena Popp – fl, Julia Phyllis Morsten – cl, Nicola Bütler – tp, Samir Rachide – tp, Isabella Bleisch – as, Gianna Lavarini – as, Lisa-Maria Palmer Martinez – bs, Enrique Abächerli – bs, Tiziano Pedrocchi – euph, Samuel Welter – g, Daniel Bopp – p, Luzi Niederhauser – b, Alfio Laini – perc.

Bandstand Learning With Role Models

Musical Objectives .

Musical & Educational objectives:

➤ Tribute to Chick Corea – SYJO

– Performing with living legends in presenting a tight and professional act.

➤ A New Creature, Concert – SYGE

– Playing with professionals to observe and learn how to prepare and interpret original music (for a premiering performance)

Intensive Immersion

Jazzaar Week Schedule .

Timeline for Jazzaar 2022 virtual productions.
Timeline for Jazzaar 2021 virtual productions.

Jan / Feb: Practice with audio mock-ups

Mar / Apr: Online Coaching/ Recording/ Filming

May: Promotion and Post Production (audio/video editing, mixing, mastering, etc.)

June: Concerts & Workshops released online: Vimeo on Demand

➤ Online Workshops JF 2022 – starting on June 1, 2022

➤ A Tribute to Chick Corea – starting on June 1, 2022

➤ Gospel: A New Creature – starting on June 2, 2022

Public Seminars

Recorded Workshops .

Jazzaar Workshops 2022 for the public and participants.

Learn from international jazz stars in a workshop setting.

Workshops Themes
Available virtually from June 2, 2022
June 2, 2022

➤ Arranging Music – by Christian Jacob

June 4, 2022

➤ Adapting a Song to Gospel – by Dennis Montgomery III

June 7, 2022

➤ Working as a Session Musician – by Wayne Bergeron

June 10, 2022

The Secret to Jazz Improvisation – by Tommy Smith


Live Workshop on March 9, 2022 @Altereithalle Aarau (Osteingang)

➤ Improvisation Techniques – by Rick Margitza 



FREE of Charge


Online at Vimeo.com/Jazzaar

Public Seminars

Live Workshop .

Live Improvisation Workshop /Mini-Jam Session

with Rick Margitza – ts, Ryan Quigley – tp, and Billy Cobham – d

Date: March 9, 2022
Time: 19:45 – 21:15
Venue: Alte Reithalle Aarau (Ost Eingang)
Apfelhausenweg 20,
5000 Aarau
Entrance: FREE!

Download Center .

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