Jazzaar Auditions 2023 – January 14

  • Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (Cuban Spirit)
  • Swiss Youth Funk Ensemble (with Steve Gadd)

Jazzaar auditions are held to select youth candidates for the two Swiss Youth Ensembles. Applicants from Switzerland are expected to attend the auditions in Aarau while international candidates will be evaluated on their submissions of live recordings or online auditions. For the 2023 productions, candidates for the following instruments are required to audition in order to be selected:

1. Vocals (male & female singers)
2. Woodwinds (clarinets, saxophones)
3. Brass (trumpets, trombones, Tuba, Euphonium)
4. Rhythm Section (guitars, Accordeon, piano/kbds, bass, drums/perc.)

The candidates to audition will be informed per e-mail about the time and venue of their scheduled appointment.

Here is your hotline to call if you are late or hindered to attend the audition on the 14th Jan. 2023:
079 435 36 80

Please be informed of the Evaluation Criteria for the auditions.

The Jury:

  • TBA

Applicants are requested to prepare for their auditions by learning a given piece. MP3 files and PDFs of lead sheets for different instruments are provided at this password-protected site Downloads – Audition 2023.

Candidates may login with details received per e-mail and download their music on PDF and mp3 formats to prepare for their audition.