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Johana Jo Jones

Lead Singer – The Jazzaar Festival Latin Band

Johana Jo Jones (artist name) was born into a family of artists and dream makers. Her grandparents from Jamaica and the US built their pillars on two of the many elements that unite and sensitize us as human beings: Art and Cooking.
At the age of seven, to her surprise and almost intuitively, she began to follow in the footsteps of a dream that her grandmother could not fulfill and for which Johana would be her spokesperson: singing.
She had five years of choral training as a member of the children’s choir of the Cuban television station ICRT, and then continued her professional training with a degree in education, specializing in music education and singing.
Parallel to her studies, she was also the lead singer in several bands. This gave her the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in different musical genres, such as traditional Cuban music, Afro-Cuban music, vocal music, soul, hip-hop, and Afrojazz.
Living in Germany for more than 10 years was an enriching process because not only did she have the pleasure of working with outstanding artists from all over Europe, but it also opened doors to the world of music coaching.
Not only a freelancer but also an employee in schools, where she played a leading role in the development and management of an innovative DMI program (Integrative Music Dynamics) for children from difficult and problematic family backgrounds.
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All Sessions By Johana Jo Jones

Concert: Cuban Spirit
21.04.2023 20:00
Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK)
Jam Session
19.04.2023 21:00
Restaurant Einstein, Aarau