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Tiziano Pedrocchi

Euphoniumist – Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble

Tiziano Pedrocchi was born on October 15. 1999 in Affoltern am Albis and grew up in Maisprach in the canton Baselland. He started playing the piano at the age of 8 and 5 years later he had his first trumpet lesson.

As a member of smaller and larger formations such as the youth band Wegenstettertal or the Brass Band Zuzgen, he quickly developed his skills as a trumpet and cornet player. It was not until 2015 that he began to play euphonium and thus discovered his greatest passion. Already one year later he participated in competitions such as the Northwest Switzerland Soloists and Ensemble Competition (NSEW) and came directly into the ranks.

His musical skills were strongly influenced and encouraged by his instrumental teacher Andreas Meier, as well as by the Musikgymnasium Muttenz. He gained experience as a soloist and sectional leader in the chamber choir and large choir of the Gymnasium Muttenz and sang in the renowned choir PourChoeur.

In addition, playing in brass bands such as the AEW Concert Brass or harmony formations such as the AdHoc NW was very important to him.
After military recruit school as a solo euphonium player with the Swiss Military Band, he began his bachelor’s degree in Performance Euphonium in 2021. As an adjunct in the Brass Band Rickenbach, the Stadtmusik Luzern, and the Bürgermusik Luzern, he shifted his musical location to Central Switzerland. Throughout his musical journey, he has played under greats such as Dani Haus, Hervé Grelat, Michael Bach, and Bert Appermont.

I wanted to join the Jazzaar Festival to gain more insight into the Afro-American music of Jazz and Gospel and explore the prospectives of a professional musician in this genre as well as meet inspiring people.


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Gospel Concert: A New Creature
TBA June, 2022
Online: Vimeo on Demand