/  Markus Hammer

Markus Hammer

Markus Hammer, born in Zurich in 1956, lives in Aarau, has been an indispensable member of the Jazzaar association board since 2013.

“Since my father introduced me to jazz music, I grew up with it. He often told me how in 1949 he had heard Louis Armstrong in concert in Zurich. I remember how we both whistled to jazz standards although I never learnt to play an instrument seriously in my younger years.
Luckily for the past 4 years I’ve been playing the drums together with four friends in a formation called the “Sultans of Jazz”.

I began attending the Jazzaar-Festival regularly in the 90’s as a member of the audience. I will never forget the evening with the Beatles Tribute Band.
All visitors stood up and sang all these well-known songs. Another unforgettable moment was when Dennis Montgomery III performed and sang “Oh Happy Day”. After this concert all spectators went home with a big and happy smile.

To give something back to Jazzaar after all those great moments, I volunteered and first became a driver, then a transport and logistics manager and finally a member of the association’s board.  This position gives me many opportunities to listen to the very best of Jazz and after a good concert performance to sit in and listen to the musicians tell each other stories from the world of jazz .

I will never forget these moments and I am very grateful to Helen and Fritz for all their efforts for the young musicians and jazz music.”