/  Juan Oliveira

Juan Oliveira

Guitarist – Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Juan Oliveira was born in Madrid in 1995. He started playing guitar at the age of 13. From the very beginning of his musical education, he developed a deep interest in improvisation and composition which eventually led him to study jazz. Right after the beginning of his professional career as a musician, he decided to go to San Sebastian where he received training from some of the best jazz performers in Spain while doing his Bachelor’s in Music.

In those formative years, he took part in several musical projects such as the JM Jazz World Orchestra and the Musikene Big Band. Besides, he founded the group Ekhilore with a repertoire based on his original compositions. They played in some of the biggest jazz festivals in Spain (San Sebastian, Madrid) and won the Goldfish Yam Contest. Juan also co-founded the duo Los Juanes with the saxophonist Juan José Cabillas which has a tremendous impact on his playing for its explorative character, escaping any conventionality in jazz and other musical styles.
In addition, Juan is a music educator, having online and presential students in six different countries. It is noteworthy his cooperation with Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, where he volunteered as a teacher in 2019.

He is currently completing a Master’s degree in Basel where he receives training from some of the best musicians worldwide and working on his first album as a leader. At the same time, he is establishing himself as a prominent jazz guitarist on social media where his videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people, and taking part in other exciting musical projects such as the Swiss Jazz Youth Orchestra (at Jazzaar Festival) which is a great way of collaborating with great national and international jazz musicians while studying the music of Chick Corea who is one of Juan’s biggest inspirations since the beginning of his musical journey.