/  John Williamson

John Williamson

President, Jazzaar Association

I joined Jazzaar in 2018.  I am a long-time jazz lover who wasn’t good enough to be a professional musician so became a banker instead. By a very happy twist of fate this unplanned career choice has allowed me to indulge my appreciation of the music in recent years through EFG’s various very successful jazz-related sponsorships, including the EFG London Jazz Festival and, with effect from 2019, Estival Jazz in Lugano. I love the way that Jazzaar supports the development of young musicians and brings them together on the bandstand with the leading professionals in the business.  I also really admire the long-term commitment, persistence and creativity of the founders Helen and Fritz Renold and the quality of what they are able to produce here in Aarau with the resources at their disposal. My ambition for Jazzaar is to ensure continued and sustainable support for the Festival in Aarau and also to help export the appreciation of this cultural and educational jewel to other parts of  Switzerland. In addition to my involvement with Jazzaar, I am also Trustee of the Serious Trust, a UK Charity which supports the development of young musicians in jazz and related genres, as well as bringing the music to new audiences that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it.