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Milad Khawam

Milad Khawam is an up and coming trumpeter, duduk player and composer from Damascus based in Berlin. He studied classical and Arabic music in Damascus. Milad played principal Trumpet with many Orchestras between Europe and the Middle East since 2010. He is also a featured soloist in various groups in several festivals in Germany since he moved to Berlin in late 2015, such us Morgenland-fest 2016 and Karneval der Kulturen 2016. He composed the original soundtrack of “No Monsters in Berlin” short film, which was the winner of the Grand Jury Prize of Diversity in the Cannes Short Film Showcase 2017. Milad’s compositions are played in Germany at festivals such as Xjazz-fest Berlin 2018 and Fusion-fest 2018. He also loves to produce Electronic music and performs many solo concerts with Electronics in Berlin.

Of late Milad has been working on his new album called “To the west”.

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All Sessions By Milad Khawam

Open Rehearsal - Jazzaar Festival Big Band
April 09, 2019 11.00-12.00
Alte Reithalle Ost, Aarau
Jam Session
April 10, 2019 21:00 - 00:00
Restaurant Einstein, Aarau
Abraham - the Jazzaar Global Ensemble
April 13, 2019 20.00-22.30
Abraham - the Jazzaar Global Ensemble
April 14, 2019 17:00 - 18:30
Centro Esposizioni Lugano (Conza)
Abraham - the Jazzaar Global Ensemble
April 15, 2019 20.00-22.30
Flon HEMU, Lausanne
Abraham - the Jazzaar Global Ensemble
April 16, 2019 20.00-22.30
Palais Xtra, Zürich