/  Lea von Mentien

Lea von Mentien

Vocalist – Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble

I started singing in the children’s choir in my hometown when I was about 7 years old. Singing captivated me even then. So I started singing lessons at the age of 10. I was able to gather my first performance experiences at numerous concerts in my classes. In the Kantonsschule I could take part in different bands, theater, opera, and musical productions. Ultimately, however, it was jazz that fascinated me the most.

Music is a means to express myself. Singing has become the most important aspect for me. Because of the great joy I derive from singing, every bit of energy and time I spend is precious to me.

I wanted to participate in the Jazzaar Festival to gain various new acquaintances. Singing together as a choir is always a highlight for me as well. Gospel music continues to be a fascination for singing, which I like to delve into a bit.

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Gospel Concert: A New Creature
TBA June 2022
Online: Vimeo on Demand