/  Enrique Abächerli

Enrique Abächerli

Baritone Saxophonist – Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble

I grew up in a small town in the canton Obwalden, where I received saxophone lessons for about 7 years, at which time I had still not yet found a passion for my instrument.
I’ve only gotten into playing Jazz Saxophone after I completely stopped playing for a year. I suddenly found myself spending more time making music than ever before. I found a band and we gigged a lot in our area, including playing for the government of our canton. I finished school and made my matura. Unsure however of the future… I turned to my saxophone again determined to study Jazz in Lucerne so I took lessons and enrolled in the jazz pre-college of the Hochschule Luzern.
After that my practice habits improved significantly and about 2 years ago I switched from the alto to the baritone saxophone as my principal instrument. I finally found my passion in this instrument and in Jazz. When I started my bachelor’s study a good friend of mine recommended that I auditioned for the Jazzaar Festival. I was instantly hooked! Even though there was no live concert this time I did learn a lot during the virtual production process.


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Gospel Concert: A New Creature
TBA June, 2022
Online: Vimeo on Demand