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Christoph Gebhardt

Bassist – Swiss Youth Jazz Ensemble

When I was 3 years old I manifested for the first time the wish to play the guitar. Moving with my family from Bonn (DE) to Kölliken, at the age of 5, this wish was fulfilled. With Marius Bröchin, a great teacher, I had the chance to learn as much as I could and played in various combos up to the point when the bass was needed more and more often. So I switched and it became my main instrument. When I started studying at the Kantonsschule Zofingen, a completely new world opened up for me, full of endless possibilities in music. That’s why I’ve been playing jazz mainly for almost 4 years now. With an extended circle of friends from Zurich to Bern, new formations arose through the years and I discovered even more new ideas. At the moment my musical activity ranges everywhere from modern and free jazz all the way to the live band of the hip-hop artist Pronto.
I auditioned for Jazzaar to further enrich my experience. I’ve never played in a big band formation before, and on top of that, I love Chick Corea’s music.


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Concert - A Tribute to Chick Corea
1 June 2022
Online - Vimeo on Demand