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Jazzaar Festival 2022 .

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO)

A Tribute to Chick Corea

Released online on June 1, 2022

directed by Fritz K Renold (CH)

MC: Lydia Renold (CH)

Featured Guest Artists:

Wayne Bergeron – Ltp (USA), Tom Walsh – tp (UK), Eijiro Nakagawa – tb (JPN), Tom Dunnet – tb (UK), Christian Kramer – b-tb (DE), Tommy Smith – ts, fl (SCT), Christian Jacob – p (USA/FRA), John Patitucci – b (USA), Peter Erskine – d (USA)

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO)

Niki Jäger – tpt, Lino Hofstetter – tpt, Maximilian Weber – tb, Mattia Facchini – as, Filippo Valli – as, Robert Soltermann – ts, Moritz Becker – bs, Juan Oliveira – g, Christoph Gebhard – b, Yosuke Doki – d/perc.

Tickets available from June 1, 2022 onwards

The Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble (SYGE)

A New Creature

Released online on June 30, 2022

Directed by Fritz K Renold (CH)

MC & Vocals by Lydia Renold (CH)

Featured Guest Artists:

Gabrielle Goodman – voc, Rick Margitza – ts, Louis Dowdeswell – Ltp, Mark Whitfield – g, Etienne Stadwijk – keys, Dennis Montgomery III – HB3 Org, Michael Mondesir – b,  Billy Cobham – drums

The Swiss Youth Gospel Ensemble (SYGE)

Lea von Mentien – m-sop. voc, Stephanie Palmer Martinez – m-sop. voc, Nina Cara Leonor – alt voc, Jonathan Hasler – ten voc, Criseyde Holman – fl, Magdalena Popp – fl, Julia Phyllis Morsten – cl, Nicola Bütler – tp, Samir Rachide – tp, Isabella Bleisch – as, Gianna Lavarini – as, Lisa-Maria Palmer Martinez – bs, Enrique Abächerli – bs, Tiziano Pedrocchi – euph, Samuel Welter – g, Daniel Bopp – p, Luzi Niederhauser – b, Alfio Laini – perc.

Tickets available from June 1, 2022 onwards

with Rick Margitza, Billy Cobham, and Tom Walsh

Live Improvisation Workshop / Mini-Jam Session

March 9, 2022

with Rick Margitza – ts, Billy Cobham – d, and Tom Walsh – tp

Date: March 9, 2022
Time: 19:45h

With Collaboration with COIN of MIT 

Venue: Alte Reithalle Aarau (Ost Eingang)
Apfelhausenweg 20,
5000 Aarau

Open to Public and Participants!

Entrance: FREE (Collection)

Enlarge Info

The event has taken place live in Aarau

With Prof. Dr. Peter Gloor

Collaboration with the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In Connection with the Improv Workshop / Mini Jam Session

The ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ (BLRM) platform at Jazzaar Festival was a research subject in 2022 for the MIT’s Collaborative Innovation Networks (COIN).

BLRM has a unique structure to help young people pursue their musical ambitions to network within the international music market and different cultures from all over the world while COIN facilitates the achievement of happiness, inducing peace and reducing stress via analytics and emotional awareness.

Peter A. Gloor is a Research Scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT’s Sloan School of Management where he leads a project exploring Collaborative Innovation Networks (COIN). He is also Founder and Chief Creative Officer of software company galaxyadvisors where he puts his academic insights to practical use, helping clients to coolhunt by analyzing social networking patterns on the Internet – spot the next big thing by finding the trendsetters, and to coolfarm – increase organizational happiness, creativity and performance through workforce analytics.

By Jazzaar Guest Artistes

Online Recorded Workshops

To be released online on June 1, 2022


ca. 45 min workshops  


FREE of Charge


➤ Arranging Music – by Christian Jacob

➤ Improvisation Techniques – by Rick Margitza

➤ Adapting a song to Gospel – by Dennis Montgomery III

➤ Jazz Improvisation – by Tommy Smith

➤ Working as a studio musician – by Wayne Bergeron

Tickets available from June 1, 2022 onwards