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Samir Rachide

Samir Rachide is a 22 year old trumpeter  from Flums, Switzerland. He first participated at Jazzaar 2018 in the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra’s production – Transatlantic Rhapsody.
He favours playing classical solo pieces and Jazz! Currently he also loves listening to Jacob Collier, classical piano solos and Ibrahim Maalouf.
Samir is a high achiever having just passed the conductors exam for wind orchestra in St Gallen with a 5.8 (SGBV Mittelstufenkurs). As a trumpet player he is active in the Musikgesellschaft Flums, in the Big Band “Jazzarmonics” of Zurich and in the classical elite formation of the Swiss military music, namely the ‘Sinfonisches Blasorchester des Schweizer Armeespiels’, that play top concert halls of the world (i.e. KKL Luzern). Samir also plays with the Academical Orchestra of Zurich that played Mahler 2 “Resurrection” that sold out twice in the Tonhalle in the Maag.
Besides performing, Samir also has an interest in organising concerts, conducting and arranging music. He engages himself in the yearly ‘Benefizkonzert’ (in Grabs) were they raise money for countries in need.
In addition to his musical endeavours, Samir is currently studying for his Masters degree at the University of Teacher Education in Zurich, while also is active as a Snowboard Instructor at Flumserberg.
Samir has a list of musical aspiration that are being fulfilled at Jazzaar…
– to connect with his musical idols and ask them about their experience
– to work in a professional team with people with different knowledge
– to make music on the highest level with the masters of music