Press Release

Jazzaar Festival’s 29th edition of the ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ will be released internationally on the online platform vimeo.com on April 12, 2021.

The two programmes planned for April 2020 in honour of jazz and funk legends that weren’t able to be presented last year due to the COVID-19 crisis is now brought forward to be presented virtually for a world-wide audience. This is to ensure that the deserving young talents at Jazzaar will receive a unique experience with their mentors if not live on site then per Zoom and in the recording studio.

In order to achieve this the Jazzaar team had put together a plan and implemented individual video and audio recordings of each artist in a studio near their residence. Audio mock-ups were created by music synthesis experts for each piece in both productions against which the professional rhythm sections first laid their recorded tracks. Layer by layer was added on the recorded versions by professional horn sections and then by the youth participants but not before they had first received individual training as well as group sessions with their sectional leaders on Zoom.

As much as everyone missed the live social interaction, the new online format was nevertheless precious and as personalised as it could get. The mentors shared their experiences and stories openly and the youth had the privilege of asking questions and learn directly from their role-models. The special guests and youth also contributed to the video productions by giving interviews for the benefit of the audience to also witness and enjoy the backstage candor of the participants.

The audio and video recordings are then edited, mixed, mastered and synched, ready for release this April for Jazzaar fans and audiences to watch anytime in the comfort of their homes.

To keep with the Jazzaar traditions, 5 workshops by guest musicians will be available online on themes relevant to the music presented and also to the changing land-scape of the music industry.

In the spirit of celebrating Maynard Ferguson, the legendary trumpeter, there is planned one onsite video presentation of an exclusive film narrated by Maynard’s daughter Wilder Ferguson in the Kino Saal of the Stadtmuseum in Aarau on April 15 at 18:00h.

These are the 2 long awaited productions.

The ‘Swiss Youth Funk Ensemble’ (SYFE) playing the arrangements of Gil Goldstein will present ‘Funky Weather’ – a musical reminiscence of the fusion quartet “Weather Report” of the 70s and 80s. This will be as unique as watching “Weather Report” in concert with an extended orchestra a’la Gil Evans, complete with flutes/clarinet, brass and saxophone quartets combined with harmonica and accordion! The repertoire presented here comprises the compositions of the legendary Jaco Pastorius, Joe Zawinul, Miroslav Vitous and Wayne Shorter as well as original compositions in the style by the accompanying guests. Miroslav Vitous, one of the founding members of the WR, is joined by top international soloists such as Bill Evans on tenor saxophone, Grégoire Maret on harmonica, Anders Bostrom on flutes, Ned Wilkinson on tuba, Gil Goldstein on accordion and keys and Billy Cobham on drums.

Big band fans will be treated to a Tribute to Maynard Ferguson with catchy jazz standards and original MF big band arrangements. To represent Maynared we will feature one of his own celebrated lead trumpeter Wayne Bergeron plus two other top lead trumpeters from the UK such as Ryan Quigley and Louis Dowdeswell. Five more of Maynard Ferguson Big Band alumni joining are Tom Garling on trombone, Tim Ries on alto sax, Christian Jacob on piano, Gildas Boclé on bass and Peter Erskine on drums. It will be a revival of the Big Band Bash with a smoking performance of fever pitched trumpets riding on the grooves set by Peter Erskine and co. in the rhythm section! This will be history in the making as the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra directed by Fritz K Renold catch the fever to get your feet tapping!

Tickets for the online concerts and workshops will be available at www.vimeo.com/jazzaar. This being a virtual event the Jazzaar ticket prices will be offered at an all time low rate with special packages to boot. Enjoy and do join us in support by spreading the word!

Jazzaar 2021 Programme Brochure -PDF (de)