Jazzaar Festival 2021

Virtual Productions .

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Programme 2021 .

The Swiss Youth Funk Ensemble (SYFE)

Funky Weather

To be released online on April 13, 2021

Arranged by Gil Goldstein (acc/k)

featuring: Bill Evans – ts (USA), Fritz K Renold – bcl (CH), Gregoire Maret – Harm. (CH), Anders Bostrom – fl (SWE), Ned Wilkinson – tub (USA), Gil Goldstein (acc/k), Miroslav Vitous – b (CZE), Billy Cobham – d (USA)

the Swiss Youth Funk Ensemble

Julia Morsten – cl, Felix Niggli – tp, Lino Hofstetter – tp, Reyan Chaaban – fh, Marina Iten – as, Sara El Hachimi – as, Robert Soltermann – ts, Micha Zumsteg – g, Levent Basharan – g, Daniel Bopp – p, Luzi Niederhauser – b, Leo Giger – d

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The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO)

Tribute to Maynard Ferguson

To be released online on April 13, 2021

Directed by Fritz K Renold

featuring: Wayne Bergeron – Ltp, (USA), Ryan Quigley – Ltp (UK), Louis Dowdeswell – Ltp (UK), Tim Ries – as (USA), Tom Garling – tb. (USA), Christian Jacob – p (FRA/USA), Gildas Boclé (FRA), Peter Erskine – d (USA)

the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Nicola Bernhard – tp, Samir Rachide – tp, Sebastian Wey – tb, Moritz Renner – tb, Mattia Facchini – as, Baptiste Pfaff – ts, Felix Piringer – ts, Moritz Becker – bs, Merlin Breij – g, Sebastian Wells – d

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By Jazzaar Special Guests

Online Recorded Workshops

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45 min workshops  

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CHF 5 per workshop
Association members, patrons and sponsors: Free of charge



➤ Arranging with Tom Garling

➤ Performance with Grégoire Maret

➤ Improvisation with Bill Evans

➤ Rehearsing a Band with Miroslav Vitous

➤ Music Business – past, present & future with Billy Cobham

April 15, 2021

Maynard - A Short Film - Exclusive!

18.00 - 18.45 Uhr

A Short Film – Exclusive! 

by Wilder Ferguson


Thursday 15.4.2021
Stadtmuseum AARAU, Kinosaal, Schlossplatz 23, 5000 Aarau


Some never before seen film footage of Maynard in the recording studio and home setting of California will be screened at the Kino Saal of the Stadtmuseum in collaboration with the Jazzaar Festival. The rare premiering film is narrated by his daughter, Wilder Ferguson sharing fond memories of the trumpet legend’s personal life. A sure treat for fans of Maynard, trumpet and trivia!

Don’t miss this special event on site!



Stadtmuseum Aarau

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