Each year Jazzaar Festival presents 2 workshops daily adding up to some really valuable crash courses in countless musical themes conducted by stars and professionals in the music industry.

These daily gems are offered free of charge for members of the Jazzzaar Association, Friends of Jazzaar and all participants at the productions. In the past years we had begun to film and record these events for our archives and to preserve the lessons to those that had missed attending.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 16.33.46Workshop by Etienne Stadwijk

Thus the time has come to release these recorded workshops albeit exclusively for members of the Jazzaar Association and Friends of Jazzaar through our FOJ Online feature. We will be continuously adding new workshops in these series that are conducted by guests passing through that take place throughout the year too.

Become a member of Friends of Jazzaar and we’ll send you your password to access FOJ Online.

Besides the exclusive access to FOJ online, look out for more announcements of new features and FOJ privileges to be soon introduced!

To become a member of Friends of Jazzaar just click here to sign up online!

Hope to see you on the other side…

The Jazzaar Festival Team
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