Some Skunk Funk

Performance: April 19, 2013 in KUK Aarau
The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra play the original scores written for the WDR recording Some Skunk Funk together with the Brecker Brothers Band Reunion. Enhancing the sections are some top musicians in the international orchestral scene and recording industry.

Randy Brecker (tp), Ada Rovatti Brecker (ts), Ryan Quigley (Ltp), Markus Hauser (as), Marques Young (tb), Mitch Stein (g), Oli Rockberger (p), Neil Jason (b), Rodney Holmes (dr)

Directing the ensemble is Pepe Lienhard, Switzerland’s legendary band leader and music director who will also accompany the orchestra as a flautist.
This opportunity to work on this production at such a high level promises an enriching and memorable experience for the young members of the orchestra.

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra
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