Swiss Youth R&B Ensemble | Jazzaar Festival

R&B Frenzy!

A brand new experience awaits the Swiss Youth R&B Ensemble.
The music presented is the finest of the Afro-American genre – Rhythm and Blues! The distinguished arranger for Jazzaar Festival, Bob Freedman once again had penned his visions of sounds and timbres specially for the ensemble led by Jazzaar Festival’s music director Fritz Renold.

The youth musicians will get to experience working with Earth, Wind & Fire’s Dennis Montgomery (HB3) who returns to Jazzaar Festival after a spell. Accompanying Dennis would be his prized vocalists from Berklee College of Music – Michael Bradley, Clifton Williams and Torrence Nelson to lend their voices and to coach the youth choir. A veteran in all things Afro-American music is the acclaimed Chico Freeman (ts) returning with Stevie Wonder’s rhythm section member Vernon ‘Ice’ Black (g). Joining the team for the first time is Switzerland’s Andre Zollinger (tp), together with Kool & the Gang’s Dave Jones (b) and Camille Gainer Jones (dr).

For the Swiss Youth R&B ensemble this will be a week of diving into the heart of Rhythm & Blues with the finest musicians cum educators in the genre.


The Swiss Youth R&B Ensemble

Leila Erdin
Sharon Renold
Lydia Renold
Daniele Gygli
Gabriela Grossenbacher
Anna Becker
Catia Lanfranchi
Felix Oberle

Magdalena Wey – tp
Lukas Setz – tp
Yoann Patoz – tb

Fabian Tschopp – fl
Daniel Affentranger – as
Janine Umiker – as
Marco Müller – bs
Kevin Sommer – bcl

Rhythm Section
Claude Stucki – g
Demian Coca – p/kbd
Barbara Schuhmacher – p/kbd
Nora Wernli – p/kbd
David Gloor – b
Benjamin Renold – dr/perc
Christian Carisch – dr/perc

Listen to excerpts of the originals on iTunes!

Download PDF

A complete song list

  1. Let’s Groove
  2. Ain’t Nobody
  3. Another Star
  4. As
  5. Don’t You Worry
  6. Treat Her Like A Lady
  7. And The Melody
  8. Boogie Wonderland
  9. All Night Long
  10. Overjoyed
  11. A Change Gonna Come
  12. How Will I know
  13. Reasons
  14. Respect
  15. Higher Ground
  16. I Will Always Love You

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