Jazzaar Festival 2012 - 20th Anniversary

Jazzaar Festival 2012 | 20th Anniversary

Jazzaar 2012 Press Release

Jazzaar Festival’s youth program turns 20 this year! Celebration is in order with three sensational nights of performances where world class concerts will be presented in Aarau’s KuK this April. Besides prominent stars and talented youth, powerful women drummers and successful alumni would be an attraction this year. The music featured this time will be the same that gave birth to this youth program 20 years ago, namely Afro American Jazz and Rhythm & Blues!

It all began in 1992, when Fritz Renold invited his Jazz Quintet, Bostonian Friends to sit in with his youth ensemble, which he directed at the ‘Alte Kantonsschule Aarau’ (a Grammar School) to present an upcoming performance together. The performance was not only exceptional but it was the birth of a unique music education program! The ‘learning on the bandstand’ experience alongside professionals had triggered a steep upward learning curve in the young players that was still exponential months after the fact. Thus, it became a burning desire to create an ongoing environment for youth musicians to experience ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models‘. This has been realized since and continued for 20 years thanks to public and private support and many a volunteer.

Jazzaar Festival 2012 performances will begin on April 12 with two exclusive quartet concerts. The MP4 comprising of two of our alumni now going places in the international music scene is one of the program’s proof in the pudding. Mathias Künzli (dr) and Phil Hilfiker (as) team up with the well known Rick Margitza (ts) and Peter Giron from Paris to perform in the first set. This will be followed by the Terri Lyne Carrington Quartet for the second set. This quartet features one of today’s most powerful women drummers, Terri Lyne Carrington who had just won the Grammy award in February 2012 for her latest CD called the Mosaic Project. Terri Lyne’s companions at Jazzaar Festival are Helen Sung (p), Adam Rogers (g) and Tamir Shmerling (b).

The KuK in Aarau will stage an R&B Frenzy of the musical kind on April 13 promising a high energy, star packed performance and a memorable experience for the Swiss Youth R&B Ensemble. With Earth, Wind & Fire’s Dennis Montgomery (HB3) back at Jazzaar Festival the mood is set for a night of up tempo yet laid back grooves and feels. To add to that frenzy, the acclaimed Chico Freeman (ts) returns with the guitar lord Vernon ‘Ice’ Black (g). Joining the team newly is Switzerland’s own high trumpeter Andre Zollinger together with Kool & the Gang’s Dave Jones (b) and his wife, another powerful woman drummer to drive that groove, Camille Gainer Jones (dr). It will certainly be a performance that will get the audience off of their seats!

The third and final night, April 14 will turn the auditorium into Quincy’s Joint presenting the best of Quincy Jones music from the past 50 years. Jones’ musical influence impacts every existing Afro-American style existing today, including Funk, R&B, Rap and Hip Hop. We have in Gil Goldstein (conductor, accordion) someone who has personally worked with Quincy Jones to direct the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra. Adding to this prestige is Eddie Henderson on trumpet and our returning stars Marques Young (tb), Eric Miyashiro (Ltp) and George Robert (as). On the rhythm section, Terri Lyne Carrington (dr) and her friends Helen Sung (p), Adam Rogers (g) and Tamir Shmerling (b) will provide that swing. Here is a treat for fans of Jazz and any other Afro American musical style.
Jazzaar Festival thanks all its supporters – old and new for making this vision come true every year.

 The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra 1996

The 1996 crew

Jazzaar 2012 Programme


9 – 14 April

Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK)

9 – 13 April

Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK)


Wed. 11th April, 21:00h – 23:00h

Restaurant Einstein Bahnhofstrasse 43, 5000 Aarau


Thu. 12. 4. 2012

MP4 in KuK Aarau

Mathias Künzli (dr), Phil Hilfiker (as), Rick Margitza (ts), Peter Giron (b)


Terri Lyne Carrington Quartet in KuK Aarau

Terri Lyne Carrington (dr), Helen Sung (p), Adam Rogers (g), Tamir Shmerling (b)

Fri. 13. 4. 2012

R&B Frenzy! in KuK Aarau

The Swiss Youth R&B Ensemble
directed by Fritz Renold

Chico Freeman (ts), Andre Zollinger (tp), Clifton Williams (voc), Michael Bradley (voc), Torrence Nelson (voc), Dennis Montgomery III (HB3), Vernon ‘Ice’ Black (g), Dave Jones (b) und Camille Gainer (dr)

Sat. 14. 4. 2012


The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra
directed by Gil Goldstein (acc)

Paulette McWilliams (voc), Eric Miyashiro (Ltp), Eddie Henderson (tp), George Robert (as), Marques Young (tb), Keith Anderson (ts), Adam Rogers (g), Helen Sung (p), Tamir Shmerling (b), Terri Lyne Carrington (dr)

Photos by Gildas Boclé

Photos by Nathanael Gautschi

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Interviews @ Jazzaar Festival Lounge

With Prof. Dr. David Elliott – Trombonist, Educator and Author – USA

With Chico Freeman – Tenor Saxophonist – USA

With Vernon Ice Black – Funk/R&B Guitarist – USA

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