Jazzaar 2016 - 24th Edition

Jazzaar Festival 2016 – 24th Edition

Here are the website archives for Jazzaar 2016 and the Bandstand Learning productions for that year.

Press Review 2016 Press Review

Press Review

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Reviews 2015

Feurige Rhythmen und Kraftvolle Soul – AZ Aargauer Zeitung, April 18
(Fiery rhythms and energetic soul)

Previews 2016

Die Schweiz hat mich befreit – AZ Aargauer Zeitung, April 9

Konzert-Tips Jazz ‘N’ More – March/April Edition

Previews Jazz ‘N’ More – March/April Edition
Jazzaar Festival on 20 Minutes via Starticket

TV/Radio Broadcasts

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Jazzaar 2016 Press Release

Jazzaar Festival 2016 – Press Release

Jazzaar Festival presents the 24th edition of ‚Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ once again highlighting two fascinating programs that will take shape from start to finish in April 11 – 16. The festival will host seasoned musicians from around the world and selected young talents to collaborate together to present brand new musical works and arrangements thereby simulating a week in the life of working musicians. There will be performances in the Restaurant Einstein as well as in the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK) in the evenings of April 13 – 16 besides workshops for the public and daily rehearsals with participants throughout the week.

On Friday, 15th April at 20:00h the Swiss Youth World Music Ensemble (SYWE), directed by Gil Goldstein will present the ‚Sounds of the Caribbean’ that will feature new compositions as well as classics from the latin genre in the Kultur & Kongresshaus (KUK) Aarau. The guests artistes hail from latin music scene out of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Florida. These are: Herman Olivera (voc), Craig Handy (ss,fl), Barry Danielian (Ltp), Conrad Herwig (tb), Edsel Gomez (p), Oscar Stagnaro (acc.b) und Ludwig Afonso (d). The SYWE will supply a variety of latin music styles such as Salsa, Mambo, Reggea, Cha Cha Cha, Calypso, Merengue, Bolero, Afro-Cuban Jazz Rhumba, Mini Jazz Haitian Gospel.

On Saturday, 16th April at 20:00h the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO), under the direction of Fritz K Renold will offer an intriguing ‚Soul Night’, accompanied by a good number of world renowned artistes from the Jazz, Soul and Funk genres. The following guests artistes will be featured as soloists and mentors to the young aspiring musicians: Billy Cobham (dr), Frank Greene (ltp), Tony Lakatos (ts), Marques Young (tb), Oli Rockberger (keys, voc) und Neil Jason (b).

Jazzaar Festival invites you to experience two breathtaking concerts at the Kultur & Kongresshaus (KUK) Aarau this April and promises a memorable and inspiring experiences to take back.

Jazzaar 2016 Programme

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Jazzaar Festival Programme 2016

11 – 16 April




11 – 15 April

Casinosaal Schönenwerd (Hotel Storchen) & Evangelisch-reformierte Ortskirchgemeinde Schönenwerd

Wed. 13th April, 21:00h – 23:00h

Einstein Restaurant & Bar, Bahnhofstrasse 43, Aarau


Fri. 15th April, 20:00h – 22:30h

in Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK) Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau

Herman Olivera (voc), Barry Danielien (tp), Conrad Herwig (tb), Craig Handy (ss/fl), Edsel Gomez (keys), Oscar Stagnaro (b), Ludwig Afonso (d)

Sat. 16th April, 20:00h – 22:30h

in Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK), Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau

Frank Greene (tp), Marques Young (tb), Tony Lakatos (ts), Oli Rockberger (voc/keys), Neil Jason (b), Billy Cobham (d)

Jazzaar 2016 Jam Session

Jam Session in Aarau, Switzerland

Jam Session 2016 en
Jam Session

Entrance: FREE
Restaurant Einstein Aarau
Bahnhofstrasse 43
CH-5000 Aarau
+41 (0)62 834 40 34

Travel Distance 5 Min. on foot from the Aarau train station
More Information www.restauranteinstein.ch

Jazzaar 2016 Workshops

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Workshops for Public & Participants in:

Casino Schönenwerd

Hotel Storchen, Oltnerstrasse 3, CH – 5012, Schönenwerd

Participants: No charge

Members of Jazzaar Association: No charge

Adults – CHF 15.- / 1h Workshop

Students – CHF 10.- / 1h Workshop


Jazzaar Workshops 2016

Tuesday – April 12 – 09:00-10:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Ludwig Afonso, Edsel Gomez & Oscar Stagnaro – Latin Rhythms

Tuesday – April 12 – 18:00-19:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Gil Goldstein – The Process of Writing (music)

Wednesday – April 13 – 09:00-10:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Conrad Herwig – Latin Phrasing & Improvisation

Wednesday – April 13 – 18:00-19:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Herman Olivera – Vocal Workshop

Thursday – April 14 – 09:00-10:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Tony Lakatosh – Improvisation in the Soul Idiom

Thursday – April 14 – 18:00-19:00‘]Casino Schönenwerd | Oli Rockberger – Process of Music Production

Special: Drum Clinic 2016 with Billy Cobham on Monday, April 11, 19:00h!

ImpressionsSounds of the Caribbean

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ImpressionsSoul Night

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Jazzaar 2016 CD/DVD Release

Jazzaar 2016 Videos

Bandstand Learning Productions Soul Night

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Soul Night

April 16, 2016 in KUK Aarau
The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO) will be directed by Fritz K Renold, who is also the musical director of Jazzaar Festival accompanied by featured guests such as Frank Greene (Ltp), Marques Young (tb), Tony Lakatos (ts), Oli Rockberger (voc, keys), Neil Jason (b) and Billy Cobham (d). These international artistes are chosen as mentors and masters for the youth orchestra for their versatility in Jazz and Soul music and their experience in other fusion influences. Together they will explore a combination of standards and original music to present a night of authentic Soul music. The work highlighting a variety of spectrums of that style by composers and prolific arrangers will fill a 2-set performance (45 min per set with 20-min break between sets) to entertain a capacity audience.
The Soul Night at Jazzaar will also feature some vocals by Oli Rockberger, Neil Jason and Sharon Renold.
For the mentors and the SYJO it would be a mutually enriching experience as they work together during rehearsals, jam sessions and workshops in mastering the performance during the Jazzaar week.

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra


Rit Xuflutes

Sara El Hachimialto saxophone

Felix Piringertenor saxophone

Mia Staufacherbaritone saxophone


Gergö Szaxtrumpet

Dmitry Zinakovtrumpet

Florian Weisstrombone

Sebastian Weytrombone

Rhythm Section

Claude Stuckiguitar

Mary Rassohovatskayapiano

Sharon Renoldvocals & bass

Roberto Carelladrumset

Rehearsals will take place in the Casinosaal Schönenwerd, (Hotel Storchen), Oltnerstrasse 18a, 5012 Schönenwerd on April 11 – 15, 2016.
Click icon below to download itinerary in PDF format.
Itinerary Jazz

Bandstand Learning Productions Sounds of the Caribbean

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Sounds of the Caribbean

April 15, 2016 in KUK Aarau
The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble (SYWE) will be directed by the celebrated Gil Goldstein accompanied by featured guests such as Herman Olivera (sonero), Barry Danielien (Ltp), Conrad Herwig (tb), Craig Handy (ss), Edsel Gomez (p), Oscar Stagnaro (b) and Ludwig Afonso (d). These international artistes are invited on the basis of their versatility in Jazz and Latin music with a special expertise with the diverse Caribbean influences to mentor the youth orchestra on the bandstand. Together they will present a program of selected standards and original music representative of the Caribbean islands. The music is chosen and written in the various genres from that region by composers and prolific arrangers that will fill a 2-set performance (45 min per set with 20-min break between sets) to entertain a capacity audience.
Sounds of the Caribbean will present an array of styles such as the Calypso, Mambo, Reggae, Merengue, Salsa, Afro-Cuban Jazz Rhumba, the Mini Jazz Haitian Gospel and such that reflect the complex origins that make up the cultural melting pot of the Caribbean islands. Since the ensemble will also feature vocals, it is an opportunity to present songs in some of the colonial languages that had a strong impact on the Caribbean people, such as Spanish and English.
The Jazzaar week provides a mutually enriching experience for both the selected young talents of the SYWE and their mentors as they collaborate together in presenting this musical variety.

Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble

Gabriela Grossenbacher – mezzo sop

Lydia Renold – alto


Jeannine Hersche – flutes

Criseyde Holman – flute

Marina Iten – alto saxophone

Daniil Nikitin – tenor saxophone

Mathieu Bitz – Baritone saxophone


Rolf Meier – trumpet

Silvio Benz – trombone

Rhythm Section

Joseba Zbinden – accordion

Maxim Litvinenko – guitar

Dimitri Monstein – drums/percussions

Leo Giger – percussions

Loris Cimino – percussions

Rehearsals will take place in the Evangelisch-reformierte Ortskirchgemeinde Schönenwerd, Burgstr.17, 5012 Schönenwerd on April 11 – 14, 2016.
Click icon below to download itinerary in PDF format.
Itinerary World

Bandstand Learning Productions Youth Application 2016

header image BLRM 2015
SWISSLOS Kanton Aargau farbig           Slider_13_Raiffeisen.jpg          slider_02_stadtaarau

Youth Application 2016

Jazzaar Festival – 24th Edition


Closing Date 31st December 2015


April 11 – 16, 2016

in Aarau, Switzerland


For Youth Musicians between the age of 16 – 26 Years
From All Switzerland!


Participation Fee: FREE


Attention: Participants are required to have a good command of the English Language!

All communication will be in English!


Participants engage in a week-long rehearsal of one of two programs with new arrangements for one or more weekend performances!

Both productions are supervised and accompanied by an international all-star cast.


Click links below for more details.


I. Caribbean Night with The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble

II. Soul Night with The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra


Auditions will be held in case applications exceed demand.


Auditions on 16th January, 2016 in Aarau


Participants will be chosen based on level of musicianship and delight in crossover projects.


Application closing date: 31st December 2015


Bandstand Learning Productions Auditions 2016

header image BLRM 2015

Auditions 2016 – January 16

  • Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble
  • Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Jazzaar auditions are held to select new youth candidates for the two Swiss Youth Ensembles. An additional casting session may be held to determine soloists among vocalists. For the 2016 productions, candidates for the following instruments are required to audition in order to be selected:

1. Vocals
2. Woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, saxophones)
3. Brass (trumpets, trombones)
4. Rhythm Section (keyboards/accordion, guitars, bass, drums/perc.)

The candidates to audition will be informed per e-mail about the time and venue of their scheduled appointment.

Here is your hotline to call if you are late or can’t make the audition on the 16th Jan. 2016:
079 665 51 81

Please be informed of the Evaluation Criteria for the auditions.
The Jury:
Bernd Konrad – Bari saxophonist, Composer, Former Head of Jazz Dept. Musikhochschule Stuttgart
Francis Coletta – Guitarist of Pepe Lienhard
Peter Jaques – Former head of DRS Big Band Zürich
Applicants are requested to prepare for their auditions by learning up a given piece. MP3 files of original recordings and PDFs of lead sheets for different instruments are provided at this password protected site Download – Audition 2016.
Candidates may login with details received per e-mail and download their music on PDF and mp3 formats to prepare for their audition.


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