Bandstand Learning 2015 - Jazzaar

Programme – Bandstand Learning with Rolemodels 2015

Jazzaar Summit
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 13 – 17
Bandstand Learning Production for Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Directed by Fritz Renold

Caravan Quest – A Gypsy Jazz Premier
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 13 – 18
Bandstand Learning Production for Swiss Youth World Music Ensemble

Directed by A.T.N. Stadwijk

SYJO – Jazzaar Summit

Jazzaar Summit

Performance: April 17, 2015 in KUK Aarau
The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO) directed by Fritz Renold will celebrate their 20th Anniversary as an ensemble. Renold first founded the SYJO together with Franco Ambrosetti in 1994 and revived it at Jazzaar Festival in 2011.
The music presented at the Jazzaar Summit in 2015 will be a wide range of Jazz standards that also include pieces by Billy Strayhorn to commemorate his world-wide centennial celebration. The SYJO will be escorted by prominent musicians in the international jazz scene:

John Abercrombie (g), Igor Butman (ts), Ryan Quigley (Ltp), Antonio Hart (as), Tom Garling (tb), Jeremy Monteiro (p), Mike Richmond (acc.b), Victor Lewis (d),


Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra


Antoine Humberset – flutes

Chris Sommer – sop/alto saxophone

Felix Piringer – tenor saxophone

Frederik Baatz – baritone saxophone


Gergö Szax – trumpet

Silvan Schmid – trumpet

Rolf Meier – trumpet

Lukas Reinert – trombone

Silvio Benz – trombone

Rhythm Section

Claude Stucki – guitar

Simea Schwab – piano

Sharon Renold – bass/voc

Lukas Briner – dr

Rehearsals at the KUK Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau on April 13 – 17, 2015.
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Itinerary Jazz
Rehearsals at the KUK Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau on April 13 – 17, 2015.

List of tunes:

  1. TBA


SYWE – Caravan Quest

Caravan Quest

April 18, 2015 in KUK Aarau
Caravan Quest is a collective journey of pure fascination for the hybrid music of the southeast European region, namely the Balkans, Turkey, Romania, etc. – an expedition by seasoned musician explorers that traverse effortlessly across the wide landscape of contemporary music. Such are ATN Stadwijk (md, k), Christiane Karam (voc) and Rashad McPherson (voc), Anders Bostrom (fl), Ismail Lumonowski (cl), Ned Wilkinson (tp, fh), Donny McCaslin (ts), Jamshied Sharifi (synths), Csaba Toth Bagi (g), Kai Eckhardt (b) and Rodney Holmes (d). At the wheel of this bandwagon is the highly gifted ATN Stadwijk.

Armed with diverse heritage and equipped with remarkable instrumental virtuosity and astounding improvisational skills the artistes will creatively assimilate the Romani musical traditions and their progressive influences to form and mold the brand new compositions that make up Caravan Quest.

This is indeed a premiering work composed and arranged by enthusiasts of wide musical genres including what’s fondly known as Gypsy Jazz. The work is specifically written with the players and their instrumentation in mind. Contributing to this creation are ATN Stadwijk, Fritz Renold, Helen Renold, Jamshied Sharifi, Christian Jacob, Corey Allen, Oli Rockberger and Lydia Renold.

As a result expect a breathtaking collage to unfold through an amalgam of sound textures ranging from mystical bamboo flutes, fluid vocals and wild wizardry of horns to highly evolved synthesizers and keyboard reverberations that are further enhanced with mesmerizing echoes of Django guitar together with smooth to throbbing electric bass in perfect time with grooving poly-rhythmic drives. All in all expect an exhilarating show of creativity, entertainment and mentoring in one.

Caravan Quest especially provides the stage for talented youth musicians to join this expedition escorted by their role models discovering ways to maneuver their acquired skills to musically express themselves from other cultural perspectives. Here’s a rite of passage for aspiring young musicians in search of wider musical horizons.

Swiss Youth World Music Ensemble


Lydia Renold – mezzo sop

Katharina Krebitz – mezzo sop.

Gabriela Grossenbacher – alto

Thea Simpson – alto


Rit Xu – flutes/piccolo

Fabian Tschopp – flutes/bass flute

Kevin Sommer – clarinet/bass clarinet

Marina Iten – alto saxophone

Sara El Hachimi – alto saxophone


Mattis Sussmann – trumpet

Lucien Erdin – trumpet

Rhythm Section

Joseba Zbinden – accordion

Demian Coca – piano

Vito Codanau – bass

Dominik Garbauer – dr

Rehearsals at the KUK Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau on April 13 – 18, 2015.
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Itinerary World

Youth Application 2015

header image BLRM 2015
SWISSLOS Kanton Aargau farbig           Slider_13_Raiffeisen.jpg          slider_02_stadtaarau

Youth Application 2015

Jazzaar Festival – 23rd Edition


Closing Date 31st December 2015


April 13 – 18, 2016

in Aarau, Switzerland


For Youth Musicians between the age of 16 – 26 Years
From All Switzerland!


Participation Fee: FREE


Attention: Participants are required to have a good command of the English Language!

All communication will be in English!


Participants engage in a week-long rehearsal of one of two programs with new arrangements for one or more weekend performances!

Both productions are supervised and accompanied by an international all-star cast.


Click links below for more details.


I. Caravan Quest with The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble

II. Jazzaar Summit with The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra


Auditions will be held in case applications exceed demand.


Auditions on 17th January, 2015 in Aarau


Participants will be chosen based on level of musicianship and delight in crossover projects.


Application closing date: 31st December 2015


Auditions 2015

Auditions 2015 – January 17

  • Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble
  • Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra

Auditions 2015 is held to select new candidates and/or if the number of applicants exceed the number of players needed for the orchestras. An additional casting session may be called for to determine soloists among vocalists.

Here is the emergency tel. # to call if you are late or can’t make the audition on the 17th Jan.
079 665 51 81

Please be informed of the Evaluation Criteria for the auditions.
The Jury:
George Robert – Head of Jazz Dept. University of Lausanne, HEMU
Francis Coletta – Guitarist of Pepe Lienhard
Peter Jaques – Former head of DRS Big Band Zürich
Applicants are requested to prepare for their auditions by learning up a given piece. MP3 play-along recordings and PDFs of lead sheets for different instruments are provided at the password protected Downloads Page.

Candidates may login with details received per e-mail and download any one of these MP3 play-along recordings from the password protected site.

For the 2015 projects, candidates with the following instruments are required to audition in order to be selected:

1. Vocals
2. Woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, saxophones)
3. Brass (trumpets, euphonium, trombones, tubas)
4. Rhythm Section (keyboards/accordion, guitars, bass, drums/perc.)


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