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Press Review 2015 Press Review

Press Review

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Reviews 2015

Medienspiegel 2015
E-Paper-Ausgabe_AZ Aarau_Montag, 20 April 2015
Reise von der Gegenwart in die Zukunft – AZ Aargauer Zeitung, April 20
(A time travel from the present into the future)
E-Paper-Ausgabe_AZ Aarau_Donnerstag, 16 April 2015 
Nächste Generation von Jazzaar – AZ Aargauer Zeitung, April 16
(Jazzaar’s next generation)
E-Paper-Ausgabe_AZ Aarau_Freitag, 17 April 2015
Jam Session mit den Grossen von Übersee – AZ Aargauer Zeitung, April 17
(Jam Session with the greats from overseas)


Previews 2015

Landanzeiger 12.März 2015 
Jazzaar Festival is Weltweit einmalig – Landanzeiger March 12
(Jazzaar is unique world-wide)
JNM_02_2015_low 75 
Konzert-Tips Jazz ‘N’ More – March/April Edition
JNM_02_2015_low 15
Previews Jazz ‘N’ More – March/April Edition
JNM_02_2015_low 7
Jubiläum – 20 Jahre Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra – Jazz ‘N’ More March/April Edition
Jazzaar Festival on 20 Minutes via Starticket

TV/Radio Broadcasts

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Jazzaar 2015 Press Release

Jazzaar Festival 2015 – Press Release

Jazzaar Festival presents two absolutely enchanting productions in April 2015 with its 23rd edition of ‘Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ program. It lets world acclaimed and competent musicians work and perform together with aspiring young music talents on a new production, thereby creating a simulation of a week in a life of a professional musician. There will be rehearsals and workshops going on daily between April 13 – 18 in the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK).

On Wednesday, April 15 the legendary Jazzaar Jam Session will be presented at the Einstein Restaurant in Aarau. Participants and some among the public jam together signifying the essence of Jazz culture – musical improvisation, thereby transporting the audience to the very ambience of a Jazz metropolis.

On Friday, April 17 – 20:00h the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO) under the direction of Fritz K Renold will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the production Jazzaar Summit at the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK). The artistes gracing the occasion, musicians of longstanding acquaintance with Renold are John Abercrombie (g), Igor Butman (ts), Ryan Quigley (Ltp), Antonio Hart (as), Tom Garling (tb), Jeremy Monteiro (p), Mike Richmond (acc.b) und Victor Lewis (d). The orchestra will highlight old classics by 20th century composers with a special honor to Billy Strayhorn for his worldwide centennial celebration this year. The music is specially arranged for this event by Jazzaar’s venerated arrangers Bob Freedman, Christian Jacob and Corey Allen.

On Saturday, April 18 – 20:00h will feature the Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble (SYWE) directed by Etienne Stadwijk in an intriguing production called Caravan Quest at the KUK. World-renowned artistes from the jazz and contemporary music genres will be starring to present a premiering work in the Jazz Manouche (Gypsy Jazz) style. These artistes that shall play the roles of soloist and coaches for the youth players in the ensemble are Etienne Stadwijk (keys/md), Christiane Karam (voc), Rashad McPherson (voc), Jamshied Sharifi (synths), Donny McCaslin (ts), Ned Wilkinson (tp, fh, euph), Anders Bostrom (fl), Csaba Toth Bagi (g), Ismail Lumanowski (cl), Kai Eckhardt (b) und Michael Baker (d). The writers contributing to this premier are Etienne Stadwijk, Fritz Renold, Jamshied Sharifi, Corey Allen, Oli Rockberger, Lydia Renold and Helen Savari-Renold.

Jazzaar Festival invites you to savor two awe-inspiring concerts with our youth and musicians hailing from far and wide at the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau this April 2015. Indeed the audience will catch at the concerts a glimpse and a taste of cultural awe the musicians on stage exchanged in a week.

Jazzaar 2015 Jam Session

Jam Session in Aarau, Switzerland

Jam Session en
Jam Session

Entrance: FREE
Restaurant Einstein Aarau
Bahnhofstrasse 43
CH-5000 Aarau
+41 (0)62 834 40 34

Travel Distance 5 Min. on foot from the Aarau train station
More Information www.restauranteinstein.ch

Impressions Caravan Quest

Coming soon!

Impressions Jazzaar Summit

Coming Soon!

Jazzaar 2015 CD/DVD Release

Jazzaar 2015 Videos

Jazzaar 2015 Programme

Jazzaar Festival Programme 2015

Download PDF of Jazzaar 2015 Playbill (de: Programmheft)



07 – 12 April

Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK) Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau


13 – 17 April

Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK)


Wed. 09th April, 21:00h – 23:00h

Einstein Restaurant & Bar, Bahnhofstrasse 43, Aarau


Fri. 17th April, 20:00h – 22:30h

Jazzaar Summit presenting THE SWISS YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA

in Saal 1, Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK) Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau

Directed by Fritz Renold
featuring: John Abercrombie (g), Igor Butman (ts), Ryan Quigley (Ltp), Antonio Hart (as), Tom Garling (tb), Jeremy Monteiro (p), Mike Richmond (acc.b), Victor Lewis (d)

Sat. 18th April, 20:00h – 22:30h


in Saal 1, Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK), Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau

directed by A.T.N. Stadwijk
featuring: Christiane Karam (vox), Rashad McPherson (vox), Donny McCaslin (ts), Ismail Lumanovski (cl), Anders Bostrom (fl), Ned Wilkinson (tp, fh, euph), Csaba Toth Bagi (g), Jamshied Sharifi (synth), Kai Eckhardt (b), Rodney Holmes (d)

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