SYJO - Future Steps

Future Steps

Performance: April 12, 2014 in KUK Aarau

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra will play primarily original music written by Fritz Renold in the style of the acclaimed Jazz-fusion band Steps Ahead first known as ‘Steps’ in the early 1980’s. The production will also showcase Steps Ahead’s initiator and vibraphonist Mike Mainieri’s own compositions from the recordings in a jazz orchestra setting featuring Mainieri and several members of the original band.

Mike Mainieri (vibes), Randy Brecker (tp), Kevin Bryan (Ltp), Markus Hauser (ts), Christian Kramer (tb), Christian Jacob (p), Alphonso Johnson (b), Rodney Holmes (dr)

Directing the ensemble is Fritz Renold, Jazzaar Festival’s music director.
The Future Steps production presents the wonders of young talents working and performing closely with many of the actual musicians from Steps Ahead (Steps). By so doing the youth tap into the main core of creative resources and working culture of this band and their musical style, raising its own levels of musicality and proficiency in the process.
Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra


Silvan Schmidtp

Benjamin Lindner – tp

Marco Leibach – tb

Sebastian Wey – tb


Chris Sommer – as

Christoph Huber – ts, fl, cl

Felix Piringer – ts, EWI

Frederik Baatz – bs

Rhythm Section

Claude Stucki – g

Lydia Renold – g

Ani Wohlstein – p

Sharon Renold – b

Marcio de Sousa – dr
Rehearsals at the KUK Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau on April 7 – 12, 2014.

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Itinerary Jazz

List of tunes:

  1. I Got Ilse
  2. A New Kind
  3. Trains
  4. Beirut
  5. Benjamin Sujesh
  6. Bullet Train
  7. Alkapuri
  8. Mandela
  9. Papa Rolf
  10. Elegy for Mike
  11. Oops
  12. Simon Smiles
  13. Sara’s Touch
  14. Future Steps

Listen to excerpts of Future Steps CD on iTunes – released on 24 Aug 2014


Listen to excerpts of Steps Ahead on iTunes!



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