SYWE - African Gospel Night

African Gospel Night

Performance: April 20, 2013 in KUK Aarau

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The Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble play the original work written by Fritz & Helen Renold The Unseen Hand – A Gospel Oratorio together with top musicians in the genre and international music scene.

Guest Artistes

Valérie Ekoume (v),Michael Bradley (v), Rashad McPherson (v), Max Helfenstein (tp/flh), Chico Freeman (ts), Vernon Ice Black (g), ATN Stadwijk (p), Kai Eckhardt (b), Olivier Serigba (perc.), Dana Hawkins (dr)

The ensemble is directed by Fritz Renold, Jazzaar Festival’s founder and musical director.
The opportunity to work on this production at such a high level promises an enriching and memorable experience for the young members of the orchestra.

Swiss Youth World-Music Ensemble


Gabriela Grossenbacher – sop

Nora Wernli – sop

Lydia Renold – sop

Leila Erdin – mezz.sop / alto

Hevin Karakurt – alto

Emilia Taubic – alto

Mirjam Harzenmoser – alto

Thea Simpson – alto

Yannick Berner – Tenor


Lukas Setz – tp

Daniel Gieger – tp

Michelle Suess – tp


Fabian Tschopp – fl

Jeannine Hersche – fl

Manisa Grob – as

Alex Schneider – as

Raphael Frey – ts

Kevin Sommer – bcl

Rhythm Section

TBA – g

Demian Coca – p/kbd

Barbara Schumacher – p/kbd

Ani Wollstein – p/kbd

Sharon Renold – b

Benjamin Bajramosk – perc.

Benjamin Renold – dr/perc.

Christian Carisch – dr/perc.

Rehearsals at the KUK Aarau, Schlossplatz 9, CH-5000 Aarau on April 15 – 20, 2013.

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Itinerary Gospel


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