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Jazzaar 2010 Press Release

Cultural exchange becomes profoundly evident when cultural diversity is promoted by means of a musical dialogue that also brings to light many things shared in common. In April 2010, the youth of jazzaar concerts will have their hand at global play as they pursue different musical traditions with international artistes. Mutual respect and understanding is required besides talent and skill in order to present the outstanding performances expected of these productions.

16th April promises a mystical Indian Night at jazzaar concerts 2010 with an enchanted Aargau Youth World-Music Ensemble bringing rich and exotic tunes representing India. The ensemble led by Jazzaar’s musical director, Fritz Renold, boasts of grand masters, old-timers and students of both Indian music as well as of rhythmic roots such as Brazilian and Afro-American traditions. Among the professionals hailing from around the globe are: Sharmistha Chatterjee, Annette Philip, Chayan Adhikari and Ujwal Nagar on vocals, Suhail Yusuf Khan playing the Sarangi, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee on Tabla; Giridhar Udupa playing the Ghatam, Lew Soloff on trumpet, Reggie Hamilton on Bass, Christian Jacob on Piano and the celebrated Brazilian Jazz-Percussionist Airto Moreira, on drums. Equally excelling global players from home are Manrico Padovani on the violin, Willy Kotoun on Percussions; Markus Hauser on Saxes and Ramon Hediger on EWI & Tenorsax. The audience can expect most delightful renditions of stimulating traditional tunes, fusions, Bollywood songs and original compositions.

17th April has in store a special night of reminiscing with The Great American Songbook combined with celebration at jazzaar concerts 2010. The fascinating Aargau Youth Pops Orchestra led by conductor Kevin Field, of the Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra has what it takes to lure us back to the era of the Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and Hollywood musicals. The global mentors accompanying the youth in the orchestra are: Casal Quartet (concertmaster Daria Zappa, Rachel R. Späth, Markus Fleck and Andreas Fleck) Roseanna Vitro on vocals, Steve Reid on trumpet, Mark Gross on alto saxophone, Vincent Gardner on trombone, Daniel Werren and Wolfgang Drechsler playing the french horns, George Robert on clarinet, Buster Williams on double bass, Corey Allen on piano and Danny Gottlieb playing the drums.
Apart from transporting the audience to the pre-1960’s era the orchestra is also geared up for the honour of performing a premier in dedication to the Bundesrätin Doris Leuthard upon her appointment as president of the Federal Council of Switzerland 2010. What a night it would be for an audience to bask in nostalgia and rekindled hope!

Jazzaar 2010 Programme


Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK)

11. April – 17. April 2010


Daily rehearsals & workshops
11. 04. – 17. 04.

Jam Sessions
13. 04 & 14. 04
Restaurant Einstein, Aarau
21:00 – 23:00


16. 4. 2010 INDIAN NIGHT
in KUK Aarau
Featuring: Sharmistha Chatterjee, Voc – Soprano; Annette Philip, Voc – Alto; Chayan Adhikari, Voc – Tenor; Ujwal Nagar, Voc – Baritone; Suhail Yusuf Khan, Sarangi; Lew Soloff, Trumpet; Markus Hauser, Saxes; Ramon Hediger, EWI & Tenorsax; Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Tabla; Giridhar Udupa, Ghatam; Willy Kotoun, Percussion; Reggie Hamilton, Bass (Whitney Houston); Christian Jacob, Klavier (Tierney Sutton Band) and Airto Moreira, Brazilian Jazz-Percussionist (Miles Davis)
The Aargau Youth World-Music Ensemble directed by Fritz Renold

in KUK Aarau
Featuring Concertmaster Daria Zappa, Rachel R. Späth,
Markus Fleck and Andreas Fleck (members of Casal Quartet); Roseanna Vitro, Vocals; Steve Reid, Trumpet; Mark Gross, Alto Saxophone; Vincent Gardner, Trombone; Daniel Werren and Wolfgang Drechsler, French Horns; George Robert, Clarinet; Buster Williams, Double bass; Corey Allen, Piano und Danny Gottlieb, Drums.
With The Aargau Youth Pops Orchestra directed by Kevin Field

Photos from Impressions by Gildas Boclé

High resolution versions of these photographs are available at Gildas Boclé (gildasbocle@mac.com) for a small labour fee. Students (& parents): CHF 10. per photo.

Photos from a Virtual Exhibition by Gildas Boclé

High resolution versions of these photographs are available at Gildas Boclé (gildasbocle@mac.com) for a small labour fee. Students (& parents): CHF 10. per photo.

Video from Indian Night

Something Like That‘ composed by Christian Jacob
Indian Night directed by Fritz Renold


Sharmistha Chatterjee – voc soprano,
Annette Philip – voc alto,
Chayan Adhikari – voc tenor,
Ujwal Nagar – voc baritone,
Suhail Yusuf Khan – sarangi,
Manrico Padovani – violin,
Lew Soloff – trumpet,
Markus Hauser – saxes,
Ramon Hediger – EWI & tenor sax,
Christian Jacob – Piano
Reggie Hamilton – bass,
Udupa – ghatam,
Pandit Anindo Chattterjee – tabla,
Willy Kotoun, Krishna Booker & Airto Moreira – percussions

and The Aargau Youth World Music Ensemble

Marianna Pisano
Ramona Dolores Keller
Lydia Renold
Cinzia Catania
Sarah Thomas
Nora Wernli
Wanda Siegenthaler
Luca Brügger
Remo Mossoni
Benjamin Suppiger
Kevin Fischer

Urs Burkhard, Trumpet
Janine Ummiker, Soprano Sax
Stephan Schmid, Alto Sax
Manisa Grob, Alto Sax
Christoph Huber, Tenor Sax

Rhythm Section
Matthias Leutert, E-Guitar
Claude Stucki, E-Guitar
Roman Tschupp, Piano-Keyboards
Demian Coca, Keyboards
Sharon Renold, E-Bass
Lukas Briner, Drums-Percussion
Benjamin Renold, Drums-Percussion

Video from The Great American Songbook

Directed by Kevin Field


Roseanna Vitro – vocals (My Funny Valentine)

Casal Quartett
Daria Zappa, concertmaster
Rachel R. Späth, violin
Markus Fleck, viola
Andreas Fleck, cello
Sergej Novoselic vl 1
Michel Willi, viola
Noemi Glenk, viola
Daniela Hunziker, cello
Steve Reid, trumpet
George Robert, clarinet
Mark Gross, alto saxophone
Daniel Werren, french horn
Wolfgang Drechsler, french horn
Vincent Gardner, trombone
Buster Williams, double bass
Corey Allen, piano
Danny Gottlieb, drums

The Aargau Youth Pops Orchestra

Corrine Stark violin 1
Nils Hansen violin 1
Nico Breuninger violin 1
Simon Huwiler violin 1
Olivia Ebneter violin 2
Severin Spring violin 2
Hevin Karakurt violin 2
Leila Erdin violin 2
Ramin Abbassi cello
Dominique Stark cello
Simon Tschupp contrabass
Christian Spiegelberg contrabass (Special Guest)

Yannick Suter flute
Claudia Bendzko flute
Hannah Wey oboe/english horn
Kevin Sommer bass clarinet

Silvan Schmid trumpet
Magdalena Wey trumpet
Diandra Russo alto saxophone
Michael Zinniker tenor saxophone
Felix Oberle tenor saxophone
Chris Sommer baritone saxophone
Christian Dysli trombone

Rhythm Section
Yanick Loher piano
David Gloor electric bass
David Krähenbühl drums

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