BATS Youth Production 2009 | Jazzaar Festival

Programme – BATS Youth Productions 2009

Louis & the Good Book
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 13 – 18
Aargau Youth Gospel Orchestra

Directed by Fritz Renold

Concerto Double Nouvel
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 13 – 18
Aargau Youth Chamber Orchestra

Directed by Kevin Field

AYGO – Louis & the Good Book

“jazzaar concerts” 2009 gospel stage will be presenting a musical makeover of Louis Armstrong’s 1958 work produced by Milt Gabler and arranged by Sy Oliver for Decca Records. This re-harmonized version maintains the charms of the original work as the arrangements are carefully developed from transcriptions of the first recording – a combined effort by Fritz Renold, Bob Freedman, Dennis Montgomery III, Jetro Da Silva and Christian Jacob.

This will be performed live after a week’s process of learning on the bandstand by young Aargau musicians with world caliber professionals.
Featured as the voice of Louis Satchmo Armstrong is Bostonian flutist, Lance Martin, known for this talent. The ensemble will be directed by Fritz Renold with Dennis Montgomery III leading the choir.

The Aargau Youth Gospel Orchestra

directed by Fritz Renold

Cinzia Catania
Désirée Pauli
Wanda Siegenthaler
Sharon Renold
Rea Hunziker
Carmen Güdel
Lydia Renold
Barbara Schuhmacher
Tatjana Sebben,
Maria Wiese
Benjamin Suppiger
Luca Brügger
Nick Zihlmann
Urs Burkhard
Simon Stücheli
Lea Reusser
Silvan Schmid
Magdalena Wey
Christian Dysli

Lukas Brügger
Diandra Russo
Michael Zinniker
Christoph Huber

Nora Wernli
Roman Tschupp
Jonas Leuenberger
Matthias Moor
Lukas Briner

The ensemble is led by Fritz Renold and enhanced by :

Lance Martin (voice of Louis Armstrong)
Rashad McPherson
Kevin Ross
Samantha Jordan
Annette Philip
Steve Reid
Den. Montgomery III
Mark Gross
Buster Williams
Victor Lewis

AYCO – Concerto Double Nouvel

Four original works in the cross genre of Jazz and Classical will be premiered at “jazzaar concerts” in April 2009 – each one a concerto for double solo instruments.
The compositions:
1. Concerto for 2 Trumpets written by Barrie Lee Hall Jr.
– Trumpet soloists: Barrie Lee Hall Jr. and Franco Ambrosetti
2. Concerto for 2 violins written by Fritz Renold
– Violin soloists: Volker Biesenbender and Tobias Preisig
3. Concerto for 2 basses written by Gildas Boclé
– Bass soloists: Gildas Boclé and Reggie Hamilton
4. Concerto for 2 Trombones written by Tom Garling
– Trombone soloists: Tom Garling and Patrik Lerchmüller

These works shall be studied for a week by young musicians together with their professional mentors to be performed at the end of the week under the guiding baton of Mr. Kevin Field of the renowned Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Aargau Youth Chamber Orchestra

Bianca Hottinger
Nadja Castorina
Corrine Stark
Lilian Zihlmann
Yiwen Luo
Hani Sang
Franziska Duerrbaum
Delia Berner
Lisa Häuserman
Dominique Stark
Andreas Lammer
Hannah Wey
Tim Oliver Schaerer
Kevin Sommer
Double Bass
Simon Tschupp
Christian Spiegelberg
Kay Gürber
David Gloor
Jakob Läser
Benjamin Renold
Special Guests
The Casal Quartet (Violins: Daria Zappa and Rachel R. Späth ; Viola: Markus Fleck; Violoncello: Andreas Fleck)
Flavia Grubenmann (violin 2)
Johanna Schneider (viola)
Michel Willi (viola)
Wolfgang Drechsler (f-horn)
Daniel Werren (f-horn)
Robert Mössinger (oboe)
Mark Soskin (piano)
Adam Nussbaum (drums)


Where, What and When at jazzaar 2009?

Please download and print your respective itinerary below. Every student is expected to study their daily schedule to be punctual and well oriented at the jazzaar event from April 11 – 17.

Aargau Youth Gospel Orchestra – Louis & the Good Book: PDF (1,1Mb)

Aargau Youth Chamner Orchestra – Concerto Double Nouvel: PDF (131Kb)

Rehearsals for students


Prior to the intensive “jazzaar concerts” week in April 2009, we offer two additional rehearsal dates for student musicians to better orient themselves with the music and the arrangements as well as with one another. This is to ensure a tight and homogeneous musical group ready to work with the professionals come April 13 – 18!

Please note that attendance at each rehearsal time is compulsory! You will receive your individual music parts during these rehearsals.

The rehearsal schedule for each youth orchestra is listed below.

Aargau Youth Chamber Orchestra (AYCO) – Concerto Double Nouvel

Venue: Einstein-Haus, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

Fr. 27. 03 18:00 – 21:00 Aula
Fr. 03. 04 18:00 – 21:00 Aula

Aargau Youth Gospel Orchestra (AYGO) – Louis and the Good Book

Venue: Einstein-Haus, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau

Sat. 28. 03 13:00 – 16:00 Aula
Sat. 04. 04 13:00 – 16:00 Zi. 30

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