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Featured Artists in Concerto Double Nouvel

Kevin Field Conductor

As Associate Conductor with the MPO, Kevin has instigated dozens of commissions, performed over 140 works by living composers, established both the MPO Forum for Malaysian Composers and the MPO International Composers Award and is now nurturing national talents with the formation of the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, with whom he is their Principal Conductor. Kevin is also frequently called upon as a guest conductor, working with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the West Australian Symphony, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, RTE National Symphony Orchestra and Concert Orchestra of Ireland, the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Together with the MPO, Kevin has worked with a variety of leading international soloists including: Daniel Binelli, Peter Donohoe, Janice Watson, Marc Kaplan, Leonidas Kavakos, Jose Gallardo del Ray, Robert Cohen, Anthony Marwood, Chick Corea, Gary Burton and Eitetsu Hayashi, to name but a few.

Volker Biesenbender Violin Soloist

Volker Biesenbender is known to be a favourite student of Yehudi Menuhin and regarded by him as an ideal musician of the 21st century! Besides having performed and worked in the classical, folk and gypsy music world, Türkish Sufis or even with Jazz greats such as Nigel Kennedy, Stéphane Grappelli, Didier Lockwood and many others, Volker had very often performed with Menuhim himself. He is also the recipient of numerous awards. In Yehudi Menuhin’s own words, “Volker exists. He is a phenomenon whose source of vitality is precisely the creative power of music and folk music. I adore him!”

Tobias Preisig Violin Soloist

Tobias Preisig is versatile stylistically and at home in a variety of musical formation whether it be with “Herbie Kopf’s Close Contact”, his own band called “Warnton”, in “Albin Brun’s Alpine Ensemble” or in “Johannes Lauers Streicheinheit”, “Arxi Karnusian’s Strange soun – Beautiful Music” and in the “Kaleidoscope String Quartet”. Preisig has also played with George Gruntz, Luciano Biodini, Thomas Demenga, Daniel Schnyder, Christian Zehnder und Nik Bärtsch. He last performed in 2008 at the Montreux Jazz Festival and at the Jazz Festival Willisau.

Barrie Lee Hall Trumpet Soloist

Since Barrie Lee Hall Jr. (trumpeter) was recruited into the Duke Ellingston’s Orchestra in 1973, he had remained the lead trumpeter in the orchestra for 26 years (1973 – 1999). After Ellington’s passing away in 1975, Hall was assigned as the orchestra’s Arranger under the leading of Ellington’s son Mercer. When Mercer Ellington passed away in 1996, Barrie Lee Hall took over as the leader of the ensemble. Hall had collaborated with “jazzaar concerts” as co-composer and arranger of the Gospel oratorio “Ecclesiastes” in 2001, returning to work with the Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra for the Blues Night in 2003. In 2009 he will appear as the composer and a soloist of the trumpet double concerto.

Franco Ambrosetti Trumpet Soloist

During his long career as a soloist, Franco Ambrosetti had performed in countless festivals only with the so called Crème de la crème. Among those are: Kenny Clarke quintet, Phil Woods and the European Rhythm Machine, Dexter Gordon quartet, Cannonball Adderley Sextet, Joe Henderson group, The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band, Michael Brecker and Mike Stern group, and more. Franco himself is to be considered as an musical icon in the Swiss music scene.

Tom Garling Trombone Soloist

The trombonist, composer and arranger Tom Garling was born in Illinois in 1965. He began his studies in Arranging and Composition at Berklee College of Music, only to be interrupted after a year by a tour with the Buddy Rich band. He resumed his education in Jazz Interpretation, Arranging and Composition at the University of Miami in 1987. During this time he also performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Dizzy Gillespie, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny and Randy Brecker. After graduation Garling toured with Maynard Fergusons Big Bop Nouveau Band. Garling had participated numerous times at “jazzaar concerts” as a guest coach and section leader. This time in 2009 however we have the honour of receiving him as composer and a soloist of the trombone double concerto.

Patrik Lerchmüller Trombone Soloist

Born in 1981, raised in Switzerland, Patrik completed his trombone studies in Graz at the ‘Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst’. He lives in Paris at present after garnering some experience in the field in Vienna. Patrik freelances as trombonist and composer within a wide spectrum of the Jazz genre such as contemporary and electronic music as well as in Free Improvisation und Film Scoring. He ventures to the boundaries between Jazz, Rock and contemporary music together with his Vienna Sextett while celebrating the free yet structured improvisation with his Parisien Quartett. Besides engaged in his own projects Patrik is regularly hired as a composer for film and dance projects. His latest CD „VAKUUM“, a collaboration with singer David Moss is expected to be released sometime in 2009.

Gildas Boclé Bass Soloist

The bassist Gildas Boclé is one of France’s best in his craft. During his studies at Berklee College of Music, Boclé had the opportunity to work and perform with jazz greats such as Chick Corea, Steve Gadd or Eddie Gomez. Between the years 1986 and 1989 he was not only a member of the Gary Burton band but also played with Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metheny, Clark Terry, Diana Krall, Danilo Perez and many more. This year 2009 will see Gildas Boclé at “jazzaar concerts” once again but as the composer and a soloist of the bass double concerto.

Reggie Hamilton Bass Soloist

After his studies on the contrabass and composition at the Philadelphia Music Academy, Reggie Hamilton moved to Los Angeles where he made his acquaintance with Stanley Clarke and George Duke. These took him under their wings and opened the door to what would later reveal as a prestigious discography of tours with a variety of top artistes. Among those are Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Enrique Iglesias and Tina Turner. In 2003 Hamilton released his first solo album, “My Village” a fusion of progressive jazz, funk and R&B styles on his own label – Sleepy Thumb Records. Hamilton returns to “jazzaar concerts” the third time in 2009, now as a soloist for the bass double concerto.

Casal Quartet Strings Soloists

Violins: Rachel R. Späth and Daria Zappa
Viola: Markus Fleck
Violoncello: Andreas Fleck

Switzerland has not seen a better string formation than the Casal Quartet since the sixties! In fact it can be considered one of the best string quartets there is in the German-speaking region of Europe. The Casal Quartet was formed in 1996 and have received training from members of the Alban-Berg-, Amadeus-, Carmina- and from the Cherubini-Quartetts whilst also have been vastly educated in in Cologne and Zürich. Walter Levin is also known to have taught the Casal Quartet their craft for three years in Basel.

Wolfgang Drechsler French Horn

Born in 1965, Wolfgang Drechsler hails from Austria and lives in Riehen from whence he is able to participate in an eclectic variety of musical activities. He is an accomplished pianist and French Horn player and is engaged actively as a player in various orchestras. As an orchestrator and arranger he works for many well known artistes, among others Patricia Kaas, Reba McEntire, Betty Legler, DJ Bobo as well as for huge Orchestras (Munich Philharmonic, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaisers Lautern, Zurich Chamber Orchester, Chamber Orchestra Basel, etc). Besides these Drechsler is also a television and film music composer.

Daniel Werren French Horn

French Horn player, Daniel Werren is a Swiss who was born and bred in San Fransisco, California. After graduating with a Bachelors of Music in the University of California, Werren received a scholarship to Boston Conservatory where he received his Masters of Music. Among those he studied under are Bill Klingelhofer, Principal, San Francisco Opera; Rick Todd, a renowned French Horn player at Principal Film Studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles; Gregory Cass, Solo- French Horn in the ‘Orchestre de la Suisse Romande’ as well as under Erich Penzel at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne. Daniel Werren resides in Zurich since 1999, where he teaches and performs in various professional orchestras such as St. Gallen Sinfonie Orchester, Basel Sinfonie Orchester, Bieler Sinfonieorchester and the Münchner Symphoniker. Werren is versatile in a variety of musical genres, be they Jazz, Musicals, Operette, Operas or Chamber music. He had played in various Orchestras in the USA before his move to Switzerland, in among those, he had the honour of performing before the former President Bill Clinton, twice!

Robert Mössinger Oboe

Robert Mössinger studied Oboe with André Raoult (Lehrdiplom) and with Thomas Indermühle (concert diploma) at the conservatory and Musikhochschule in Zurich. He continued with master classes with several accomplished artistes, among these are Paul Dombrecht and recorder studies with Urs Hänggli (Lehrdiplom). Mössinger is a much sought after musician predominantly in the classical music field where he is active as a member in various chamber orchestral formations. He is also the solo oboist in the Aargauer Chamber Orchestra (AKO). Besides being a prolific performer, Mössinger also teaches at music schools in Suhr and Entfelden, the Kantonsschule Sursee, the Neuen Kantonsschule Aarau as well as in the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz. Rober Mössinger resides with his family in Hirschthal in the Canton Aargau.

Adam Nussbaum Drums

There is seldom a drummer like Adam Nussbaum who is able to play with such a variety of Bands and groups, thanks to his enormous routine that allows him to fit and integrate musically. Nussbaum has always worked with best (Dave Liebmann, John Scofield, Gary Burton, Randy Brecker, etc). His unique contribution to Michael Brecker’s album, “Don’t try this at home” was one of the impacts that won the album a Grammy award.

Mark Soskin Pianist

Mark Soskin, who has played with Jazz greats such as Sonny Rollins and Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker and Joe Henderson will be back in Aarau at “jazzaar concerts” after some years of absence! Soskin is not only a piano virtuoso, but also an excellent pedagogue who is in the faculty of the Manhattan School of Music in New York. As an all-rounder he will surely be an asset to the rhythm section of the Concerto Double Nouvel.

Featured Artists in Louis & the Good Book

Fritz Renold Musical Director

Fritz Renold is a founder of Jazzaar and the driving force behind its music educational programme – “Bands Across The Sea”TM (BATS). In 1984, the 24 year old Renold received the Quincy Jones Full Scholarship Award at Berklee College of Music, Boston, where he received his B.A in Jazz Performance in 1987 and was voted into the college’s faculty immediately. Since 1997, ‘Fritz Renold and the Bostonian Friends’ have been signed to the label SONY – BMG Music – Columbia Records in New York. With ca. 500 compositions, premiers and several Grammy pre-nomination recordings to his name, the composer, saxophonist and arranger from Aargau belongs to one of the few music entrepreneurs in Switzerland. As the director of the Swiss and Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestras, Renold always had a habit of integrating the activities of his personal musical career with his employment as Music teacher at both the Aargau Gymnasiums. The concept – Bands Across The Seas – is a youth development project that resulted to the benefit of the contemporary Swiss Jazz Scene. This concept will be integrated for the first time with the Malaysia Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) in June 2010. His Quintet – Fritz Renold & the Bostonian Friends consisting of Randy Brecker, Christian Jacob, Reggie Hamilton and Danny Gottlieb will perform together with the 120 piece MPYO, some of Duke Ellington’s Symphonic works. His latest composition, the 45-minute ‘Nusantara Suite’ for large orchestra will be premiered during this occasion in Kuala Lumpur by his Quintet and MPYO led by conductor Kevin Field.

Lance Martin – Voice of Louis Armstrong

Lance Martin, born (1960) and raised in a musical family in Pittsburgh PA, began playing the flute at age seven. Martin studied flute, music theory and composition at Carnegie Mellon University and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has written well over 760 songs. Besides his talent in songwriting and playing the flute, Martin also specializes in singing in character. Some of the singers he has recorded as for a songwriting business called Gift Notes are Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, Leon Redbone, Louis Jordan and Louis Armstrong. He will be singing in the character of Armstrong for the ‘Louis and the Good Book’ programme at “jazzaar concerts” 2009! Lance Martin has also formed ‘The Lance Martin Band’ with him on the flute, that performs professionally throughout New England. The band will soon premiere their first CD, ‘Physical Jazz’ in the Spring of 2009.

Samantha Jordan – Voice

Originally from the Bronx, NY, Samantha Jordan managed to make her way to Boston, Massachusetts, where she studies music education at Berklee College of Music. She stays active around the campus and shares her gift by involving herself in ministry and evangelism.

Annette Philip – Voice

Annette is a vocalist, choir conductor, composer/arranger, and recording artist from New Delhi who thrives on experimenting with the human voice. In 2003 she co-founded Artistes Unlimited (AU), a performing arts ensemble based in New Delhi. Since beginning work in the professional media circuit in New Delhi at the age of seventeen, she has become an established recording artist, lending her voice to films, albums, jingles, and voice-overs in nine languages for television and radio. Annette recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Professional Music. Besides currently recording and performing with her own jazz fusion ensemble, “The Annette Philip Quintet’, she also tours with the Boston-based musical group “Women of the World”.

Kevin Ross – Voice

Originally from Washington D.C., Kevin Ross has the next meaningful voice of this generation. Kevin’s rich tone, creative run ideas, youthful look and piano skills, humbly places him into the category of some of the greatest performers of all time. As a trained vocalist and performer, his engaging stage presence and personality gives him the edge, while industry insiders find the freshness of his voice to be something special, comparing him to artists like Stevie Wonder and the late great Donnie Hathaway. To top it all off, he’s extremely charismatic and a true gentleman. Kevin currently resides in Boston, where he is a Songwriting major at Berklee College of Music.

Rashad McPherson – Voice

Rashad began playing the drums at age two, taking piano lessons at age four, and wrote his first song at age six. In March 2003, Rashad gathered several singers and musicians in the Lincoln and Omaha areas to form “DivinePURPOSE,” a community musical group. In September of 2005 Rashad moved to Boston, MA. to begin his education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. During his first year at Berklee, Rashad has served as Berklee’s Gospel Choir’s student director. In 2006, Rashad and New Vision recorded their first live album at the Salem Baptist Church in Omaha, NE. Rashad was also selected to be a member of Axiom Records newly signed artist Bobby Perry & R.A.I.N. Anointed by God to minister to the nations through music, “LIVE… the Experience” serves as the beginning of an awesome music ministry.

Steve Reid – Trumpet

Steve Reid has been playing professionally for more than 20 years in many bands and orchestras of varying musical styles. He has played lead trumpet for Disneyland and Walt Disney World backing up and working with artists such as Bobby Shew, Maynard Ferguson, Della Reese, Joe Williams, Jerry Hey, Matt Harris, Diane Schurr, Rosemary Clooney, Billy Taylor, Mercer Ellington and Lionel Hampton. He worked with Columbia Artist Management and played solo trumpet for the touring “Tribute to Artie Shaw” big band featuring the Ink Spots, Julius La Rosa and Abe Most. and many more throughout the USA and Europe. Steve recently recorded for Javon Jackson, Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond’s grammy nominated album, “Free to Worship”.

Mark Gross – Alto Saxophone

2 x Grammy winner, Mark Gross swings and sings with soul and rhythm along today’s jazz vanguard. He constantly pushes the music forward, while staying true to the elements of the classic sound. Mark Gross has recorded on over 40 notable jazz recording, including GRAMMY winning projects by the Dave Holland Big Band – ‘What Goes Around’ on ECM Records, and ‘Overtime’ on Dare 2 Records. Mark has recorded 2 cd’s under his own name to date.

Dennis Montgomery III – Piano

Dennis Montgomery, III started playing the piano and organ at age 4, and started singing at age 6. To his parents amazement, Dennis was blessed with a special “Musical” gift from God. By the age of 7 Dennis had earned the reputation of a Child Prodigy. At age 10 he was hired at St. Mary Baptist church to be their part-time organist on Sundays. In addition to playing for churches, Dennis also played for his school choirs, from elementary through high school. During his high school and college years, Dennis began playing for the “Youth Ralley Mass Choir”, under the direction of Mrs. Hattie Wade, who was and currently the Minister Of Music of the Gallalee Baptist Church. Coming to Boston, Ma. to attend Berklee College Of Music brought about a whole new world of music and education. At Berklee, he a fellow upper classman by the name of Mark Reddick. Mr. Reddick had a gospel style of playing the piano and organ that Dennis was surely and certainly hungry for. Also at Berklee, Dr. Orvile Wright was a huge musical influence in Dennis’s life. Two years after graduating from Berklee, Dennis became the Minister of Music of the Concord Baptist Church. Dennis has performed with: Patti LaBelle, Regina Bell, Darrell Coley, James Cleveland, Andre’ Crouch, Walter Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins, Marvin Winans, Vickie Winans, C. C. Winans, The Yellow Jackets, Freda Battle, Donald Lawrence, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Alvin Slaughter, Kurt Karr, Kevin Bond, Walter Beasley, and Brandon Primus.

Victor Lewis – Drums

Internationally acclaimed drummer and composer Victor Lewis was born on May 20, 1950 in Omaha, Nebraska. “Lewis is a master of shading and color, and the kind of timekeeper that could teach a clock new ways to tick” says jazz writer Bill Kohlhasse. As his ever increasing talent becomes more and more obvious to the general public, it is clear that Victor Lewis is an important artist on the horizon.

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