BATS Youth Production 2008 | Jazzaar Festival


Cole Porter Night
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 12 – 17
Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra

Directed by Christian Jacob

Grooves & Moves Funk Night
Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau
April 12 – 17
Aargau Youth Funk Band

Directed by Fritz Renold


AYJO – Cole Porter Night

The Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra
directed by Christian Jacob

Tierney Sutton, Vocals
Kevin Axt, Bass
Ray Brinker, Drums
Tia Fuller, Alto Sax
Steve Reid, Trumpet
Tom Garling, Trombone
Christoph Schnyder, Clarinet
Diandra Russo, Alto Sax
Christoph Huber, Tenor Sax 1
Michael Zinniker, Tenor Sax 2
Nick Zihlmann, Baritone Sax
Urs Burkard, Trumpet 2
Simon Stücheli, Trumpet 3
Maja Haus, Trumpet 4
Sebastian Krebs, Trombone 2
Christian Dysli, Trombone 3
Dimitri Spiess, Trombone 4
Marcel Czaja, Piano
Nicolas Czaja, Bass

AYFB – Grooves & Moves

The Aargau Youth Funk Band
directed by Fritz Renold

Kamaria Ousley (V)
Grace Taylor (V)
Kevin E. Ross (V)
Rashad McPherson (V)
Barry Danielian (Tpt)
Vernon Black (Guitar)
Reggie Hamilton (Bass)
Dennis Montgomery (HB3)
Shedrick Mitchell (Piano)
Michael Baker (Drums)
Cinzia Catania (V)
Barbara Schumacher (V)
Lydia Renold (V)
Wanda Siegenthaler (V)
Isabelle Dumont (V)
Désirée Pauli (V)
Luca Brügger (V)
Felix Oberle (V)
Lukas Briner (V)
Anna Diem (Flute)
Marcel Rey (Trumpet)
Lea Reusser (Trumpet)
Manuela Flory (Alto Sax)
Carmen Güdel (Alto Sax)
Simon Spiess (Tenor Sax)
Lukas Brügger (Barisax)
Jonas Leuenberger (G)
Roman Tschupp (Kbds)
Matthias Moor (Bass)
Christof Brogle (Dr/Perc)
Bernhard Fischer (Perc)

Enrollment Call

Enrollment Call per 8. February, 2008

This is to announce that every participant from Aargau who participated in “jazzaar concerts” 2007 within the age of 15 and 22, may be automatically recruited into the “jazzaar concerts” 2008 programmes – without an audition!

However, the choice to participate is still left to these young musicians. They are to report to by Saturday, 16th February to secure their place in participation with the following information:

Name/First Name:
Instrument in 2007:
Change of Home Address:
Change of Tel/Mobile:

The clauses below will nevertheless take effect in the final selection for performance:

  1. Where there are more participants than needed for one instrument, the best 2 or 3 will be chosen for the actual performances.
  2. Instrumentalists who participated as vocalists in 2007 will still remain vocalists this year.
  3. New recruits will be accepted if there are vacancies on orchestral seats (at the desired level of playing).

Since the project is generously subsidised by public and private funding, each participating student is only charged CHF300.- for a whole week of training with professionals in rehearsals, workshops, via coaching and inclusive of concert passes.


Where, What and When at jazzaar 2008?

Please download and print your respective itinerary below. Every student is expected to study their daily schedule to be punctual and well oriented at the jazzaar event from April 12 – 17.

Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra – Cole Porter Night: PDF (148Kb)

Aargau Youth Funk Band – Grooves & Moves: PDF (171Kb)


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