Jazzaar Festival 2008 - Visions of Music

Jazzaar 2008 Press Release

The concept
‘Visions of Music’ is a portrait of a world where traditions and progress are musically at home. Musical traditions are vital for musical progress. For this reason the hand picked artistes presented at “jazzaar concerts” 2008 will demonstrate how fresh musical trends can sprout and blossom from traditional roots! Thus, we envision contemporary music to become a cause for good music on the horizon as much as it is an effect of music from times bygone.

The Tierney Sutton Band
To open the festival we have a double treat by the hottest contemporary Jazz group, the Tierney Sutton Band performing in two different venues – in Trafo Baden on April 15 and in the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KuK) on April 16.
The singer Tierney Sutton stands out among the rising stars of today’s Jazz scene. Tierney and her band have garnered critical praise in the Jazz metropolises of the US and are now on their way to conquer Europe! On top of their seven acclaimed CDs, ‘the band’s greatest accomplishment is its continuing commitment to unity, excellence and creative collaboration’. Tierney’s companions are Christian Jacob, Kevin Axt and Ray Brinker.

Cole Porter Night
A great songwriter of the twentieth century who contributed some of the most romantic yet wittiest songs ever written is Cole Porter, whose legacy will be celebrated at the KuK on April 17 by musicians, youth and audience alike. Tia Fuller, the energetic saxophonist that Europe will be hearing and seeing more of, will join returning trumpeter Steve Reid, trombonist Tom Garling, the Tierney Sutton Band, and the Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra in the celebration. This distinctive production that sets the stage for a union between contemporary voices and the marvelous big band sound of the 40’s performing classics, promises nostalgia, but also an anticipation of a futuristic tradition!

Grooves & Moves!
The final night at KuK on April 18 will be dedicated to eclectic sounds and rhythms and is aptly named Grooves and Moves! Contributing to the melting pot will be the one and only, vocalist Kamaria Ousley backed by organist Dennis Montgomery III and his singers Rashad McPherson, Grace Taylor and Kevin Ross together with Barry Danielien on trumpets. Also returning by popular demand is the Whitney Houston’s rhythm section, Michael Baker, Reggie Hamilton, Vernon ‘Ice’ Black and Shedrick Mitchell. Original compositions that are exotic along with cover tunes resonating R&B, Gospel and Funk styles are bound to spark the fires of progress in the Aargau Youth Funk Band directed by Fritz Renold.

Jazzaar 2008 Programme


Kultur und Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK)

13. April – 18. April 2008


Daily rehearsals & workshops
13.04.08 – 17.04.08


in Trafo Baden
Featuring Tierney Sutton, Christian Jacob, Kevin Axt & Ray Brinker

in KUK Aarau
Featuring Tierney Sutton, Christian Jacob, Kevin Axt & Ray Brinker

in KUK Aarau
Featuring Tierney Sutton Quartet, Tia Fuller, Steve Reid, Tom Garling
& the Aargau Youth Jazz Orchestra directed by Christian Jacob

18.04.2008 GROOVES & MOVES
in KUK Aarau
Featuring Barry Danielien, Michael Baker, Reggie Hamilton, Vernon ‘Ice’ Black, Shedrick Mitchell, Dennis Montgomery III, Kamaria Ousley, Grace Taylor, Rashad McPherson, Kevin Ross
& Aargau Youth Funk Band directed by Fritz Renold

Photos from Impressions by Gildas Boclé

Video from Jazzaar 2008

Concerto for Charles‘ composed by Fritz Renold

Christoph Schnyder (cl)

Directed by
Christian Jacob

Performed by:

Steve Reid (tp),
Tom Garling (tb),
Kevin Axt (bs),
Ray Brinker (dr),
Urs Burkard (tp),
Simon Stücheli (tp),
Maja Haus (tp),
Sebastian Krebs (tb),

Christian Dysli (tb),
Dimitri Spiess (tb),
Diandra Russo (as),
Christoph Huber (ts),
Michael Zinniker (ts),
Nick Zihlmann (bs),
Marcel Czaja (pn) and
Nicolas Czaja (bs)

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