Press Release for Jazzaar Festival 2018 in Aarau, Switzerland

Jazzaar Festival presents the 26th edition of the ‚Bandstand Learning with Role Models’ program highlighting two intriguing productions with the focus on cultural exchange. The production will take place in Aarau on April 15 – 21, 2018. The festival will showcase brand new musical works and arrangements performed by seasoned artistes together with young aspiring musicians from all of Switzerland. Activities such as rehearsals, daily workshops and a Jam Session in the Restaurant Einstein during the week will finally culminate to the grand concerts in the Kultur & Kongresshaus Aarau (KUK) and an extended performance in Lugano at the Centro Esposizioni Viale Castagnola (Conza). Besides the concerts, the public is welcome to visit the workshops and the jam session too.

The Swiss Youth World Music Ensemble (SYWE), directed by Tim Akers will present ‚Gumbo with Chutney’ in the KuK on Friday, 20th April at 20:00h.
The new compositions melt the rich blend of Calypso’s African beats with the West Indian ‘pitch-bends’ along the backdrop of a brassy jazzy timbers of New Orleans, promising a musical feast.
To create that magic top talents in their respective genres such as Harini Srinivasa Raghavan (voc/violin), Tom Walsh (Ltp), Anders Bostrom (fl), Etienne Stadwijk (keys), Ramon Stagnaro (g), Oscar Stagnaro (b), MT Aditya Srinivasan (tabla) and Rodney Holmes (dr) will unpack their bag of experience as they accompany the SYWE to serve this exotic musical flavor.

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO), under the direction of Fritz K Renold will offer an equally intriguing ‚Transatlantic Rhapsody’ on Saturday, 21st April at 20:00h. This will portray an interesting dialog between the world of Jazz, European folk and popular music to profoundly show how unity can very well be found in diversity. The featured guests that will mentor the SYJO are Frank Greene (Ltp), Bill Pierce (ts), Tom ‘Bones’ Malone (tb), Gil Goldstein (acc/p), and Michael Baker (d).

The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra (SYJO), will perform Transatlantic Rhapsody at the Conza Lugano hosted by EFG International. Jazz fans in Lugano may do a free registration here to enjoy the performance.

Tickets for the concerts in Aarau are available online at Starticket and other points of sale.

Jazzaar Festival invites you to come and experience for yourself the fascinating music that will be served as well as to witness the phenomenon of bandstand learning effects on young talents at the Kultur & Kongresshaus (KUK) Aarau this April.

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