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Hotels in Aarau

Aarau offers various ranges of hotels for all your needs and a comfortable stay. There are hotels that also house restaurants and conference rooms for business meetings and family get-togethers.

Bed & Breakfast

Private accommodation is the less complicated and a less expensive alternative to staying at a hotel.

Ranging from simple to luxurious, a room with in-house swimming pool to a tent in the garden, and from a camp bed to your own apartment – there is a wide range of sometimes surprising options out there.

Private accommodation not only makes sense from a cost point of view but also affords tourists and visitors a unique opportunity to discover life in the Aarau region.

Recommended price: ca. Fr 60.00 per person/night, inclusive of breakfast (upon request)


Reservations for Hotels and Bed & Breakfast:

aarau info

Metzgergasse 2

5000 Aarau

Tel. 062 834 10 34
Fax. 062 834 10 35


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