Jazzclub Concert

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Jazzclub Concert
Monday, 15th April 2013 20:00
Galerieraum Tuchlaube
Metzgergasse 18, Aarau
Duo Lottchen
Sonja Huber – Vibraphon
Eva Buchmann – Gesang
The Swiss-Belgian duo Lottchen is not only an unusual formation, it also promises to deliver a music that is unique. It features the multi-talented vibraphonist Sonja Huber, who also plays marimba and the charismatic singer Eva Buchmann also known as a “vocal instrumentalist ” besides being a song interpreter. The two musicians charm audiences with fascinating mysterious soundscapes and melodic, even angelic overtones!
We are told that seeing and hearing in this case is indeed believing! Best to check the duo out LIVE at the Tuchlaube Aarau but below is a video recording for a preview!
More information is naturally found at their website:

Entrance Fee: CHF 25.-/20.-(Members), CHF 5.- (Students with valid IDs!)
Jazzclub Aarau
Theater Tuchlaube
Postfach 3008,
5001 Aarau

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