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A Grammy nomination!

Nov. 15th 2022

So pleased to announce that the Jazzaar Festival 2019 live recording of Remembering Bob Freedman with Ron Carter & The Jazzaar Festival Big Band has received a Grammy Award nomination under the category of ‘Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album”.

Our heartiest congratulation to Ron Carter, Christian Jacob, and the producers Fritz & Helen Renold. Kudos to the young people in the ensemble that participated in it. We’re so proud of you for a job well done!

More details for your consideration to vote for the album in the Grammys® are found here.

Two other Grammy nominations!

Indeed another huge congratulation goes also to Lydia Renold & Sharon Renold, Jazzaar alumni plus daughters of the Jazzaar founders, and Annette Philip, a peer at previous Jazzaar programs and leader of the Berklee Indian Ensemble on the Grammy nomination for the debut album “Shuruaat” under the category of Best Global Music Album.

The 3rd nomination goes to Alphabet Rockers – The Movement in the category of Best Children’s Album for which another Jazzaar alumnus and recording engineer Reto Peter was involved. Hearty Congratulations!

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  • Reto Peter was a drummer of the first iteration of Jazzaar (then called The Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra), and through a connection to Fritz Renold he went on to go to Berklee College of Music to study Music Production & Engineering. Since then, he has been making records in Europe, NYC, and the San Francisco Bay Area and is credited on Gold and Platinum albums by Green Day, Modest Mouse, The Counting Crows, Flipsyde, and many chart-topping artists from his native Switzerland.

  • Phil Hilfiker, a saxophonist / composer & arranger / music educator is another of our alumni that we're most proud of. His talent, wit and hard work did not fail to earn him the well deserved success he enjoys as a musician. Besides that his humility and gratitude is something we also admire about him.

  • Drummer/percussionist Mathias Kunzli is one of the Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra's earlier generations of young musicians that is successful in the international music scene. We're proud to feature him in this segment and wish him continued success that is well deserved.

  • Christoph Huber is a fairly recent alumnus that has already successfully taken his performances to many stages. For a virtuoso on the tenor saxophone with a charming personality the sky is the limit! Here's what he's been up to.